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Claims from Ridiculous Christians

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Joseph Farah

Have you ever come across a magazine called the Whistleblower? If you have not I encourage you to go and pick one up, take a peek inside, and read some of the craziest bullshit some Christians spew as truth. Absolute ridiculousness is what it is.

In the May 2011 issue of Whistleblower, Volume 20, No. 5, Joseph Farah writes an absurd article in a letter from the publisher on pages 3 and 4. I would like to comment on that particular article here. Yes, I know it is a fairly old article but I would still like to comment on it. I had actually never even heard of this magazine until I was at a friends home and she showed me a couple of articles from a different issue. I was intrigued and requested to borrow a few copies. I took the magazines home and began to go through them, coming across this piece fairly early on.

What I will do here is type the comment made by Farah, and then make a comment of my own in response. I will type his comments word for word just in case you were wondering. 

1. "Some people call me a radical." -Joseph Farah- May 2011 Whistleblower

     No. Radicals favor drastic political, social and economic reforms...something you clearly do not favor. You do not wish for gays to have the right to marry and you have problems with the idea of Pro-Choice (since it is otra de la ley of Him Who you worship) along with all sorts of other issues that you plant, grow, and harvest from your little field of religious-political fanaticism. Reforms should be good things. You wish to deny people basic rights and just in case you did not know, that would definitely NOT qualify as drastic reform. It might qualify as drastic set-back. 

     You have this air of wishing to revert to the 'old'. The 'old', some of it, is still very good. What you do not seem to understand is there are elements of the old that are not so good. Perhaps for the time in which it was birthed much of the old was good, but you also seem to forget that even those who created the old recognized that not all of it was good and great. It was all new, remember? Experimental. The Founding Fathers knew they wouldn't get it all right and even suspected they would get some of it wrong.

2. "As I've said many times, "conservatism" cannot save America. It's too far gone from what it was intended to be to save it through holding on to what we have left. And that, by definition, it what "conservatism" is all about."

     No. Your assessment of America being in a state of poor health is inaccurate. Yes, we DO have money problems and a deficit ten times the size of Texas. But, this is not what you are referring to, is it? Neither are you referring to pointless wars, the great need for good and affordable healthcare, bickering in Congress, helping communities to recover more quickly from natural disasters such as Katrina and Sandy, or dealing with the issues eating away at social security, are you?

     What you are referring to is essentially a religious issue for you, isn't it? For some twisted reason you think the issues that this nation in particular experiences are the direct result of people falling away from God and Jesus, right?

3. "If "conservatism" means cutting the budget but still overspending, borrowing from future generations and ignoring constitutional limits on the federal government's power, then I am not a conservative. Yet that is what many of the most prominent conservatives are doing in Washington right now."

     Oh, look! Here you try to make it look like it isn't a religious issue. This is a half-ass effort though, right? I mean, what is it that you say toward the very end of this article? Here is what you said:

     "If there is an opportunity for the bad guys to manipulate and exploit the crisis they have created, there is also an opportunity for lovers of liberty and lovers of God to do the same."

     See? You don't give a shit about the budget and the money and social security. What matters to you is WHO is qualified (according to your rules) to participate in various liberties and whether or not people who believe in God (presumably the same God you believe in) are the ones making the rules.

     Don't kid yourself into thinking that this country's problems have to do with people not wishing to follow your Invisible Pal. Yes, there are leaders in this country who abuse the system, abuse money, and abuse liberties...but this is NOT the case with all or even a majority of our leaders and has NOTHING to do with God. These problems are caused by people and not by some all-powerful divine being trying to teach the citizens of this nation any kind of lesson.

4. "George Washington was not a "conservative." Neither were the other founders of this once great country. They actually came up with something quite new in the history of the world- the idea of self governance. They did something unique in the history of the world. They not only threw off the yoke of foreign domination, but they invented a political system that took the shackles off the people and placed those shackles where they belong on central government."

     Sure, shackles were placed on our central government by the Founding Fathers. BUT, those shackles were intended for issues in regards to government function and legislation and NOT intended to shackle the government and prevent the government from changing things that somebody's God thinks are same-sex marriage or removing religion from government (or keeping it out).

     Again, you are by no means a revolutionary or anything even remotely similar. What you ARE is a pouting Christian, put-out by government shaking the tethers of religion. So, what you do is try to regain, or help to regain control by disguising your divine predilections as budget concerns, constitutional concerns (a HUGE lie), and concerns over abuses of personal liberties. Do these problems exist? Oh, yes...they do. But these issues are not your true focus, are they?

5. "Because we don't need to create something new. We only need to find our way to rediscovering what we had, something that was perverted over time and today is under full-scale assault."

     You need to be specific here, Farah. Rediscover what we had? Which part do you want to rediscover? No marriage rights for gays and lesbians? No voting for women or blacks? Poll tax? Manifest Destiny and loads of dead and displaced Native Americans? God in schools? Guns for everyone? Prohibition? Segregation? 

6. "In this case, the revolutionaries are the ones running the show. They are the lawless ones. They are the ones who are perverting justice and morality and order. We are merely the resistance fighters."

     No. There are not revolutionaries running the show. Yes, there are some real mother fuckers in government who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and who do abuse much. However, not every leader is like this no matter how much you want to over-exaggerate. Do we have some serious issues? YES. Name a country that does not...

     ...BUT, what makes America great has nothing to do with God and everything to do with our people and our desire to excel, to exceed expectations, to protect liberties for all, and to persist in a push to be fair. Sometimes we miss our mark...but goddamn if we don't keep getting right back up time and again. Even THAT takes a while at times, but THAT is who we are.

     Also, so long as you approach the issues within justice, morality, and order from ANY kind of religious angle it is you who is doing the perverting. Your idea of resistance fighting is nothing more than resistance to fairness and change.

7. "A friend of mine said it this way: "We're not in the middle of a revolution. We're fighting the American Devolution.""

     I think it is the devolution from the idea that America was founded by God, for God and for people who believe in God and worship God that bugs you and Christians like you the most. Not all Christians are like you...thank God.

8. "The very will of the American people is under attack in a thousand ways. It's under attack through the popular culture with its desensitizing images and messages. It's under attack from the establishment press, whose members think they are so much wiser than the simple rubes who work hard, provide for their families and serve their country faithfully and heroically in times of national emergency. It's under attack from high priests in black robes who issue decrees that make a disgrace of the concept of the rule of law and mock the will of the people. It's under attack from elitists who run major foundations. It's under attack from globalists who seek to destroy America's national sovereignty. And it's under attack from a central government that has broken the shackles deliberately placed on it just over 200 years ago by our Constitution. The onslaught is coming fast and furious from these enemies of liberty."

     You make it sound like the American people are stupid. What is wrong with you? Do you really think our citizens are desensitized to the things in this world that are right? Do you only watch and think about and read about the bad things that happen in this nation? There ARE good things, you know. Just because people play GTA, watch risque movies, go to church less or not at all and listen to Lady Gaga that does not mean that they don't care about each other and don't love this country.

     Oh, and I hope your reference to people serving the country faithfully DOES NOT only apply to those who believe in God, right? You DO know that Atheists who love this country, and people of other faiths who love this country serve faithfully as well...right alongside their Christian brothers and sisters, right?

9. "They are attempting to overwhelm the will of the people and the rule of law by setting political and cultural bushfires from coast to coast. The process is in overdrive. They believe they have an opportunity to reach their goals for the conquest of the American spirit in the short term, and they don't want to miss this opportunity."

     Conquest of the American spirit? Conquest of the American spirit? We have made it through the Revolution, Civil War, sickness outbreaks, great natural disasters, world wars, conflicts, great political scandals, great tragedies in some of our individual communities, presidential assassinations, and FAR MORE. So, if you think the American spirit can be so quickly diminished, so obtusely swept aside with such great disdain...your faith is misleading you, and you sir, are fucked in the head.

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