Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Be Very Afraid

Try the newest book that questions the Pentateuch:

What are the fear mongers saying now?

Well, it has been some time since we have taken a peek at what the religious 'fraidy-cats of America have been saying is happening or is going to happen. Why don't we take a look? you really think that your statement that human beings have not yet seen the wrath of God in full as of yet holds any merit whatsoever that may justifiably be used in trying to convert people? What kind of God tries to harvest followers with fear? That is straight up bullshit and any straight thinking person knows it. There is no logic whatsoever to your supposed loving faith that is based on a believe this way or die policy. Oh. That's right. It isn't reason or logic or whatever. It is faith. Nope. Sorry, pal. You got that wrong as well.

You mean to tell me that the Christian group mentioned here has NEVER participated or condoned or encouraged or seeded any kind of prejudice or unfairness? Religion is dangerous.

Hah! These guys simply cannot do the math. LISTEN to the numbers they are trying to present as a solution/idea. Do they realize that millions of Americans times millions of dollars is FAR MORE than what they apparently think it is? Here the great danger for America is people not knowing what the hell they are talking about.

Sooo...if you are a Christian and if someone who used to be famous told you that Christians in America are in danger would you believe it? If you would believe such a claim is that because the person telling you is famous or because they believe in Jesus or both?

Preachers using the bad news of the world to scare people into transforming the congregation into greater numbers is nothing new. That's right. Use the mean and terrible things that people do to try to prove your God. This guy says that years ago people were not that educated but that they were more moral. What fucking ever. So, I guess for this fellow righteousness equals an individual who is uneducated or who at least has a very limited access to information in general. Scary.

Oh WOW. Somebody has no teeth. Lovely. Anyways, this guy wants to tell you something that sounds so very detrimental to your survival. Try watching this. You will find it is detrimental to your survival.

Oh dead, dear Jesus. Beck. This guy is a real hoot who regularly hoots out of his ass.

Yes, I know this clip is fairly long but it is worth it to listen to what this man has to say. If you wish to discuss with any Christian person why their belief in the so-called dangers of Evolution are ridiculous you should know what and how they are thinking, what their material is.

Purposeful twisting of the fact and information to make it look like the Christians of America are under attack is pathetic. Is God so very powerful that He has to rely on lies and twisted facts in order to scare people into believing in Him?

The DANGERS of Evolution? Interesting. If you are protected by God why in the hell would you worry about Evolution in the first place? Listen to what this guy says, I mean really listen to the individual claims and refutations he makes. It is pure lunacy.

Holy shit. This guy is trying to say it is dangerous to read and study different books. He also comes out with this little statistic about so many Christians in the world being killed every so many minutes. Where or how he came up with this would be interesting to find out. But never mind all of that, right? According to this guy the only book you need is the Bible.

That's right. God is angry because you are not teaching people that He is angry. If you are not out there trying to convert people to your faith by preaching God's wrath then you cannot control them with their fear. If you cannot control them with their fear then your religious delusion and its hold on other will dissipate.

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