Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marriage Advice from Pat Robertson and Others

People advise some of the craziest things!!!

     Sometimes you just cannot help but to laugh at some of the crazy sit religious folk advise when it comes to marriage. Here is a short collection of some pretty funny stuff. Keep in mind I have included a small smattering of non-religious clips. I hope you enjoy these!

Ahhh, the sanctity of marriage according to the Bible! Go run and get your scriptures and let us check this stuff out!!! Seriously. Go and get a Bible or go to a website where you can check this stuff out for yourself. Sooo, if the Bible is the final authority on marriage should marriage today follow these practices?

Dude! Pat Robertson calls this woman a LOSER and then tells her she is not marriage material. LOVELY. Doesn't he just make the best counselor ever? He does make a few points like the woman is making her own hell on earth with her poor marriage choices, sure, but he offers no real advice.

What kind of woman makes good "wife material"? If you want to know just ask Pat Robertson. How about what makes a good man to marry? Pat suggests a Christian woman leave her atheist man since he would be serving the devil and she would be serving God. Yikes.

Haahaaha!!! You just gotta love these Betty Bowers videos on marriage!!

What is marriage as defined by the Bible? How many times is marriage even discussed in the Bible? With as many times as marriage is discussed in the Bible you might think that it must be really REALLY important to God. Hah! Take a peek...

Oh look! How is THIS for marriage advice. Old Grampy Pat Robertson says it is OKAY to marry your first cousin. WTF? Then he goes on to mention watching out for making jacked-up babies because something might be wrong with the genes. This is so very fucked up I don't know what else should be said here.

This was just so funny I had to include it even though it has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

Sooo, what about oral sex in a marriage? Well some moron asks Pat Robertson if oral sex is okay. Surprise, surprise!!! He says it is okay. Holy freaking shit!!! Pat Robertson says oral sex is okay...depending on what is in your mind at the time. Hummm.

Here is another funny tidbit I found totally necessary to include with this posting.

Well, well, well. This sister of the crock-o-duck creator, Kirk Cameron, gives her two pence on what she thinks is good marriage advice. Well, I suppose if it works for her, it works for her. How in the hell can she be so surprised that what she said raised so much controversy? Ditz...just like her brother.

This Duck Dynasty fellow is a real work of art. Listen to his "advice" to young men for looking for a good woman to marry. So fucking stupid. Marry a girl at 15 or 16? Sicko.

Sooo, this 17 year old kid asks Pat Robertson for marriage advice to help his parents. What does Pat do? First, Pat says to get them out of the house on a nice romantic vacation. That actually sounds like good advice. BUT, then Pat suggests that it is the mother's fault, even stating that it was "easy" to blame the mother.

WTF?! Douche-bag Pat Robertson gives some of the WORST marriage advice here when telling a man to divorce his wife who has...well, you watch it and perhaps you will be as disgusted as I was.

What if the marriage advice you are seeking does not have to do with your own marriage? What if it has to do with your gays sister getting married and she wants for you to be one of her bridesmaids? What would Pat Robertson say to do? What is the will of God concerning this?

This response to another YouTube video in regards to marriage in the Bible is pretty interesting.

Pat Robertson should really stop TRYING to give advice.




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