Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What Does God Do to Gays? Part II

If God is Who many of the cynically delusional in religion claim Him to be, then God has LOTS of ideas as to how to mistreat gays, right?

According to some of those who would assert that the Holy Bible is absolutely true God is responsible for everything that happens. Everything. Blessings, punishments...EVERYTHING. Nothing happens without God's say so since everything is a part of His fantabulous plan, which of course was formed and approved by God's planning committee consisting of He, Him, and Himself. ANY and ALL punishment for all things 'sinful' are by God's supposed divine Will. It all boils down to this: If someone is punished for their sins...well, that is simply how it is going to be. It doesn't matter how it was done or who it was by, or whether or not it was something terrible and crappy and totally fucked up since God purposely allowed it to happen in order to punish them for their wicked ways. I see.

Sooo...I was thinking that the clips from the first part of this particular discussion were bad enough, right? Well, apparently God has lots of ideas as to how to mistreat gays. Notice that God does not say specifically to do this or that, but He sure as fuck does not stop any of His folks or ANYONE for that matter (or Himself) from some of the terrible things done to gays whilst in fits of intense homophobic passions, does He? And, yes, it must be noted that all Christians are not homophobic and do not all hurt gays, and likewise not all homophobic people are Christian and not all homophobic people hurt gays in some form or other. Just gotta put that out there to be fair.

This man was murdered because he was gay. There are people who celebrated his death as judgment by God for being gay. Sickening. This human being was murdered because of his sexual preference. How is this punishment more important to God than killing those who kill other people, or who rape other people, or who commit adultery and other crimes? I thought it says in the Bible that all fall short of the glory of God? If that is the case...

How do you think this same East Indian politician would feel if the United States booted out all of the East Indian people who are here in the states and who are not Christian and who insist on practicing their cultural practices here? That would be immensely offensive to the people and their country and their sense of humanity. Where is this asshole's sense of humanity? Oh, that's right. He's an asshole.

Sooo...does the police department involved here think that the gay bar and its patrons deserve less protection because they are gay? For Christ's sake! The place was getting damaged and people beaten! What the fuck more do you need to protect and serve? A straight dick and a cross?

Some religious zealots and fundamentalists and literalists are dedicated to slippery slope thinking...big time. Oh, look! If you give gays any rights the earth will go up in a big ball of flame and the Tribulation will set upon man faster than ever! AAAAHHHH!!!!!

Sooo...never mind the science of climate shift, but the mega hurricanes are really punishment from God because He is so pissed off with the sin of being gay that He decides to punish people who are NOT gay...by virtue of the weather? Who is being punished for what here? I am a lesbian. What the hell did Hurricane Sandy do to me? Why would someone else who is NOT a lesbian be punished for me being a lesbian? How does this work?

Uganda is one fucked up country. Hands down. We have our issues in the US, but damn. Uganda takes the cake. Actually, a LOT of countries in Africa take the cake.

See...it does not take much to feel hope and see hope and hear hope, right? Listen to what this woman has to say. Really listen.

Sooo...this total douchebag preacher suggests that if your little boy starts acting like a girl you should smack him around. Punch your kid? This guy is suggesting child abuse, advocating it.

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