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I Am That I Am
By: God the Philosophical

I Am That I am is one of the most well known phrases uttered by Jesus in the New Testament. It is also one of the most misinterpreted phrases of the Bible. When Jesus made this remark he was not trying to say that God is God, so that is that. He was not trying to say that he was the perfect incarnation of God as a man, so that is that. He was not trying to say that since man is imperfect or lacking or loathing that man could only find and experience God in all his glory through Jesus, so that is that.

Jesus meant something very different and very specific. I will refer to this particular phrase by Jesus as 'I Am #1 and I Am #2'. In this case the written order of the I Ams is reversed: I Am (2nd I Am) That I Am (1st I Am). The second I Am is conditional on the acknowledgement and understanding of the first I Am. The first I Am can exist without the second, but the second cannot exist without the first.

What does the first I Am consist of? The first I Am consists of everything that the Individual is WHETHER OR NOT the Individual knows it or acknowledges it or chooses to live it in part or whole. It is everything the Individual is down to their very core. And it does not matter if that core is good or bad. What many people conceive of as being good or bad is irrelevant. The first I Am is the deepest, truest ingredient(s) of the Individual, of the Self.

So, what does the second I Am consist of? The second I Am is consistent, solid, uninhibited, persistent, and frank expression of the understanding of the first I Am.

When Jesus said, "I Am that I Am," he was saying that his power was derived of, one, his acknowledgement of his core being, two, his choice to act and think according to his core being, three, his choice to be consistent in the truth of his Individual expression. He did not allow himself to be swayed by anyone or anything, to be convinced to behave in a manner that was contrary to his core being. And when he said, "I Am the way, the truth, and the light, and no one goes to the father except by me," he meant that no one could find the root and truth and eternal nature and reason of existence without first enacting acknowledgment and understanding and living the truth of the reality within themselves.

Jesus was telling his diciples to do what he did in the sense of BEING the absolute truth of himself. That was how Jesus was able to do all of the amazing things that he did like walking on water, healing the sick, changing water into wine, and a whole slew of other acts.

I Am That I Am...

Jesus did not want people to establish another religion with endless pockets of denominations.

I Am That I Am...

Jesus was trying to help people to establish a better, truer sense of self...the reality of Oneness...

I Am That I Am...

...Because if you cannot acknowledge the truth of who you are and LIVE THAT TRUTH WITH PERSEVERANCE...

I Am That I Am...

...Guess what? You're screwed. And that right there is the truth of what hell really is, a place within the mind of an individual who refuses to acknowledge the truth of their core being, refuses to live according to such truth, and spends their life trapped in the lies that they try to convince themself are part of their being.

I Am That I Am.

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