Tuesday, November 8, 2011

God Speaks to Me VII: Daily News Blog


By: God the Judgmental

I have taken a fairly good chunk of time before responding to my fear-mongering brother's absurd post. I did this specifically to gather some current examples that I may include in my response.

Firstly, oh brother of mine, you are the typical religious asshole claiming that YOU have all the answers to all things spiritual. Then, you go right on ahead and claim that the proof of your raving is none other than the Holy Bible. When are you and the people of this planet who choose to be Christian ever going to learn that you cannot use your own spiritual scriptures as proof of the existence of God and as proof of the truth of what you preach. That is about as common sense deluded and deficient as a student taking an exam and then grading it them self (incidentally giving them self an 'A'). Hopefully you do not need this explained to you.

Next, your self-worshiping religion is still just as unloving and unjust as ever. If you doubt this simply get on the Internet and Google recent episodes of the 700 Club. That show is rife with condemnations aimed at individuals and groups who wish to have nothing to do with Christianity, or any religion for that matter. I encourage you to listen to the bullshit that Pat Robertson has to say. Is he really preaching about this so-called loving God? Or, how about a loving Jesus? Listen to what the little asshole has to say and you will find that his comments are racist, demeaning to those who choose to live or think or believe differently, and absolutely disrespectful to the intellect and efforts of man in general.

Lastly, I want to give you a specific example of an individual who truly believes she is a Child of God, a faithful believer, and headed for heaven whenever she dies. This woman's name is Alana, and considering the manner in which she treats people and situations her name ought to be Satan. Anyways, when I first came across this woman I truly thought her to be an  individual of great faith and spiritual endurance. I thought she came across as loving, devoted, kind, and very focused in her apparent unselfish motives and actions and efforts. I even told her this several times. I said that even though I am not a particularly religious individual and have some serious problems with religion in general, I was very impressed with the amazingly high level of faith she exhibited. I could not have been more wrong.

This woman is one of the most manipulative, cruel, mentally abusive, untrustworthy, backstabbing, selfish individuals I have ever met. She has zero qualms when it comes to condemning people who do not believe or live or behave as she does. If you exhibit resistance in any form as she tries to control you she turns into a terrible person. Let me give you some examples.

Okay, so this woman Alana's  daughter lives with her as does the daughter's boy-friend. Alana treats the daughter's boy-friend with extreme disrespect, disregard, and loathing. Whenever the boy-friend's children are around she is often rude to them, in some cases even going so far to say that they do not matter and are not her grandchildren and mean absolutely nothing. There is a little boy who is six years old who has often turned away in tears because of the stupid and thoughtless and hurtful shit this woman has said to him or within hearing distance of him.

Alana seemingly takes great joy and solace in planting as many barbs and burrs as possible between her daughter and the boy-friend, often causing huge arguments that are entirely based on partial or even completely untrue information. Of course the boy-friend wants nothing to do with the stupid bitch and will not allow himself to be controlled by Alana.

A while back Alana supposedly had ten thousand dollars stolen from a safe in her room. Knowing the things that I know about the situation I think Alana is full of shit and did not have crap stolen from her. Being as though she hates her daughter's boy-friend she even went so far as to try to convince a friend of her daughter and the boy-friend that he, the boy-friend, stole the money. The basis for her accusation was that he had purchased a really nice ring for her daughter the same week the money supposedly vanished. Never mind that the boy-friend does work very hard and makes great money and takes great care of those he loves. Never mind that the boy-friend was no where near the house when the theft supposedly occurred. Never mind that Alana is not the only person in the world with money.

Alana also apparently believes that her daughter's boy-friend is going to hell and has even told him as much, adding that a friend of his who is lesbian will be joining him. Everywhere this woman goes she brings with her this heavy cloud of negativity that reaches out, twists its horrible tendrils around everything within shouting distance, and then chokes the life and the love and the joy right out.

If Alana cannot find something she will accuse someone (namely the lesbian friend of the boy-friend) of taking whatever it is she cannot find, to include dishes. Isn't that a gas? When she had trouble with her Internet access and account she accused individuals living in her home of hacking into her account. When she put the electricity bill fully in her name and then received a whopper of a bill she accused everybody in the house of being irresponsible and wasteful with their energy uses. Never mind that the stupid bitch runs a gym business out of her garage and regularly uses treadmills and fans and other electricity consuming appliances. Never mind that she has one of those notoriously inefficient mini refrigerators in her bedroom. When the same thing happened with the water bill she pulled the same shit and started accusing people of being wasteful. Never mind that she sometimes does load after load after load after load of laundry.

 When the lesbian friend of Alana's daughter's boy-friend tried to confront Alana when Alana cracked off a couple of lies...well, what do you think happened? Did Alana take responsibility and admit what she had done? Nope. She literally took off.

This woman Alana is full of hatred and dislike for anyone who she cannot control, who believes differently, who does not stand for her manipulating shit, or who will confront her on the idiocy of her claims and behavior. Once I realized this I clearly saw that she was not a person of faith. She was merely a mean person who hid behind the curtain of religion. It never matters what she says or does because Jesus and God forgive her. It doesn't matter how she treats people because she is going to heaven. The only thing that matters to this woman is whatever it is that she wants.

Now, dear deluded brother of mine, you don't really think that Alana exhibits the love that God is supposed to be, do you? Is this how believers are supposed to behave? Is this an example of how the 'power of the Christian God' works? There are loads of supposedly God-fearing people who behave just like this woman Alana.

You tell me how the supposed all-powerful cannot maintain a better track record with the effect he has on people who believe in him. And don't give me any of that, "Well, humans mess up," bullshit. If Christianity and religion are so full of truth and divine power and strength why don't those who believe behave better and exhibit more of the love of God? Why is there a pervasive attitude of "I am better than you" within the ranks of believers? How can a God who is supposed to be so great get such crappy results?

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