Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lines of Distinction and Lines of Separation

By: God the Inductive

When you think of the terms 'distinction' and 'separation' do you consider them the same, or each their own definition? Humans spend much of their time drawing lines in the proverbial and literal sands of their daily existence, believing that lines of distinction and lines of separation are the same. This is not so.

Lines of distinction are natural, occurring wherever they may, paying no mind whatsoever to the desires of any being...intelligent or otherwise.

Lines of separation are unnatural, occurring wherever an intelligent mind chooses to place them, whether or not the actual choice or action of placing such is a good or bad idea. Consider that when I use the term 'intelligent' I mean that a being is aware of the action of creating the line of separation; a conscious being...human or some other higher intelligence.

Lines of distinction are not prejudiced.

Lines of separation are entirely prejudiced.

Sometimes humans have an errant tendency to mix the definitions of these two terms, and should be ashamed at the crap situations they have created by doing so. It is very important for humans to understand what they have done to themselves by confusing the definitions of separation and distinction. Humans have torn themselves to pieces (sometimes literally) by fudging these two terms. 

Lines of separation are terrible and largely destructive. What religion a person is a part of (or even if someone even believes in religion at all) is a big one. Some would deny this and say it is a distinction in spiritual salvation. This is a lie. How much money a person has is another line of separation. How about where a person is from, what they dress like, how much property they own, what their social status is, what their political affiliation is, what their sexual preference is, what their credit score is, what their military rank is, or what kind of job they have? These are all lines of separation because they are all divisive on some level.

Lines of distinction are not divisive because by nature they do not divide. Lines of distinction stand-out, enhance characteristics, and contribute to the individuality of someone or something or a group of the same. Courage,compassion, trustworthiness, endurance, fortitude, and diligence (as well as their opposites) are all lines of distinction.

Look at what you are doing in your life, how you treat yourself and others, and how you perceive places and circumstances. Are you confusing lines of separation and lines of distinction? Maybe you are. Maybe you are not. Maybe you are not sure. 

Just remember this:

The lines on a zebra are lines of distinction.
The lines of people in death camps, in unemployment lines, in prisons, in bread lines, in religious squabbles, and in political camps are great examples of lines of separation...because man has put them there with prejudice and the express intent to divide.

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