Saturday, May 18, 2013

Would Christianity Lie To You?: Part II

What Else Might Christianity/Religion Lie To You About?

     I really like this video. It is a bit longer than most of the other videos but it very carefully explains and gives examples of all the styles of arguments within religion and how they may be utilized to mislead people or misdirect an argument.

     Outstanding. Simply outstanding. I truly agree with what this man has to say about vicarious redemption being a crock.

     Jesus Christ. The things people get their children to believe. Nothing like raising your children to grow up to fear everything that is 'outside' of God. Pay attention to what raising a child like this does to the mind of that child once they grow up into an adult.

     This wonderfully hilarious! I like the first part where the host says the letter looks like something the Unabomber sent him. Sometimes seeing the issues in a more humorous manner (such as in this video) helps people to calm down a bit and really see the crux of the issue as it lays.

     For how many years and decades and centuries have some people within humanity been trying to tell people that no matter how much the believing person may think so, no amount of belief can ever change what the truth is. On the other hand, truth CAN and DOES change belief. Remember that.

     The gentleman in this video speaks quite well, clearly stating the question/problem and then following immediately with the answer and clearly explaining that as well when necessary. I also think it is good that he notes that Christians include or leave out various evidence based on whether or not said evidence helps or hinders whatever the believer is trying to prove.

     More historical evidence as to the basis and thoughts and purposes of man creating gods and worshiping symbols such as the sun. 

     I grew up in a heavily religious family. We grew up learning that the wicked God haters in the world made up lies like those presented in this video in order to try to take people away from God to instead be dragged down to hell for an eternity. Lovely. I am glad I grew a mind of my own fairly quickly.

     Pay attention to the numbers presented here in this video...especially the number twelve and how it relates to months and days and years and even the twelve disciples of Jesus.

     In another blog I posted a set of ten videos that were created by a gentleman who studied the origins of Christianity and similar religions. When I watched those videos I first thought, "Right...all from the Egyptians." But after I did more and more research and realized how many paths logically lead to what the creator of those videos was saying I really began to see a lot more of what he was describing. The number parallels are absolutely amazing.

     After watching this video I did have to agree with the statement made by the narrator in the beginning...I found it DID tug on my heart strings. I could not help but to think about the huge wall of fear I fought to tear down, over many years, as I struggled to break away and completely free from the delusion and lie of religion.

     This is amazingly accurate. I hope loads of people watch this and then forward it to many others who will watch it.

     Like the narrator in this video I think back to how I sounded while I still believed in Christianity and felt it to be my duty to preach to whomever was around me. I shudder when I think of those times and the inconsideration I showed to those who knew better than I did. I am very glad I no longer believe the same way.

     Very quick and straight and to the point. Surely some of the people who read this will feel some kind of connection with what the lady is saying. Sometimes a conversation with a Christian becomes so encumbered by the stupid and pointless argument that simply saying one has 'faith' is a good enough answer to prove the truth of what is believed.

     I totally love the cartoon shorts produced by the makers of this video! Totally hilarious!

     Try showing this information to someone in Christianity and asked them how they explain the similarities and parallels to other much older, pagan religions. Hopefully you get further along than I did. Those believers I try to discuss this with become agitated quite quickly and usually end up saying I have been blinded by the devil and that they, the believer, will pray for me. Alrighty then.

     Pay attention to the amount of time necessary to create all of the stars and constellations and such. i had several Christians inform me that since God was the one who created time in the first place the rules of time did not apply to Him. Why? Because God is in complete command of everything and in His infinite power could instantaneously create all the stars and everything in the universe.

     This is wonderful and most excellent! Listen to how many of the commandments at first seem different but are actually the very same thing as another commandment...just worded slightly different.

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