Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Have Something You Don't Have...

...And Because of This Something I Will Live Forever While You Die Forever

     Do you remember when you were a kid? Do you remember the neighborhood brat taunting and teasing the other kids everytime he or she got something cool or interesting that the other kids did not have? How did the brat behave? They went around bragging how they had something everyone else didn't have, didn't they?
     Religion is often times the same way and many a fanatic believer can be heard popping off how THEY are going to heaven and YOU aren't. Perhaps for some people that is part of the allure of religion, having something others do not have.
     Take a look at this first video and you will see that you do not have to dress and look wealthy in order to think or act like you have something that others do not have. This gentleman's logic and reasoning is interesting when it comes to why he believes that there are believers who are really un-believers. According to this guy if believers do not believe that God kills people and hates some people then such people are really un-believers. But by far one of the best parts is where the guy says that the un-believers do not want to believe that Jesus was a black man when he roamed the earth. Good stuff.

     This video is the typical validation that many Christians use when refusing to shut the hell up because someone who they are pestering does not want to hear their crap any more.

     The Lord wants His people to be a happy people and a joyful people? You could have fooled me with all of the bullshit hell fire and damnation crap that they persist to loose everywhere they go. How about the Branch Davidians or the People's Temple or the groups that advocate poor treatment of women, do they sound like joyful groups?

     This is pretty funny.

     The people at church are the best people to be around? Hah! Take them to church and introduce them to REAL people? Is that because the people outside of church are so fake? What you are selling to people is the absurd idea that everything you believe in is real while everything outside of what you believe is fake. If people want reality they have to convert or otherwise live a big meaningless life and spend forever in hell. So goddamn stupid.

     Another video on the supposed love of God that is supposed to conquer everything...but it does not. While the guy in this video asks his questions think about the pictures of starving babies in Africa with the distended bellies, the bodies floating in the water from the tsunamis, pictures of the piles of dead from World War II, think about the tens of millions upon millions of people who died from the bubonic plague during the Dark Ages, think about 9/11 and all the times that some religious freak or other killed people in the name of some God. Let's remember those things before we even make a move toward thinking that God is love.
     So many people try to convert the masses in the name of the love of God, jumping up and down and praising that this God is so full of love and they just want to share this love so that people will go to heaven like God wants all people to do. 

     This man is trying to offer an apology for all of the assholes in religion when that is not something in his power. Let the people who say stupid things in the name of their God apologize for the shit they say. And this man is correct when he says that there are Christians who tear people down all the time. That is absolutely correct. Stop apologizing for things you cannot apologize for. At the same time try to remember that no matter how much you apologize there will still be people who do not want to worship and believe the same way you do...and that should be fine. I don't want what you have no matter how great you say it is.

     Sometimes Christians have the greatest imaginations ever. How do you get in touch with Jesus? Getting in touch with the imaginary? NICE. The interesting thing is this belief and love that so many claim to have that others do not have is imaginary. So, in reality whatever they are claiming to have that others do not have is non-existent and in truth they have nothing.

     Bill O'Rilley is a douchebag. Eventually I will make a special blog just for Bill.

     I have something you do not have. What I have is the love of God and the eternal life He gives me. I can prove this God and this love and this eternal life by the terrible things people do to each other and the terrible things that are going on in the world today. Religion is so fucking stupid.

     This is straight up scary bullshit. Kill people who do not believe in God? SURE. That is what the pricks who flew planes into the trade center thought. Even those assholes validated their God instructing them to kill those who did not believe in the same manner.
     So, Christians say that they have something others do not have, the LOVE of God...and then they go and dig up some information that says it is okay to kill people. If that is the case...I do not want anything having to do with religion. There is no real love in this God or His religion.
     And all of this is supposed to be part of what is the reality of this great truth that Christians have and others do not have? I do not want what the Christians have.

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