Monday, August 26, 2013

A Christian Obsession

Many Christians have a death-grip on the idea that the anti-Christ is just around the corner from being fully revealed, chomping at the bit while he fantasizes murdering billions of people and putting Christians in particular to death. You know, right when you think people couldn't be any dumber you have stuff like this.

Nostradamus didn't predict shit. Some people rush to believe the so-called predictions that fit all pretty and snug in the make-believe world of the spiritually deluded, but no matter how hard these folks try to make it appear as though the old seer predicted anything much more complicated than what he would have for breakfast, such efforts do nothing to put anything Nostradamus said/predicted anywhere near the realm of truth.

You people are fucked in the head. Prophecy will be fulfilled to the letter? Please. What really happens is something bad happens and in response religious loonies zip through whatever scriptures they have, pick out a few ominous verses, and then twist the shit out of the verses in an effort to make it look like actual prognostication took place. Retarded.

Hhahaaaa!!!! HHahaa!! Someone needs to warn this lady to NOT mix her liquors.

No. Freaking Jesus did not give the name of the anti-Christ. NOT AT ANY TIME is there any kind of clear reference to anyone being the anti-Christ. There are no statements of, "And there shall come a time when Bob is the anti-Christ," or, "So it came to pass that Billy acknowledged himself to be the anti-Christ," or, "President Obama is the anti-Christ, Thus sayeth the Lord God of Hosts." Nope. Just a bunch of people playing word games and twisted semantics in an effort to validate one of the grandest illusions man has ever known.

Does Satan know the day he is living in? Bitches, are you high? Do you or do you not read your own Bible? You DO realize that according to your own myths that Satan is a supernatural being, right? That right there ought to answer a lot of questions for you.

This will scare me? least not in the way the religious nuts who made this video want it to. What truly IS scary is the fact people actually believe this horseshit as actual truth. Ridiculous. You have a better chance of getting closer to the truth by reading a freaking fortune cookie.

This is so hilarious I had to add it.

Okay, if the anti-christ is supposed to be a man of great intellect and IF George W. Bush is the moron people claim he is...HOW in the hell can he be the anti-Christ?

Isn't there always some religious whack-job out there who has been given some supposed burden by God to bring the truth of some disaster to the people of the world? God wants me to tell you this. God wants me to tell you that. Dude, whatever. Don't quit your day job.

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