Saturday, August 24, 2013

When a God of Love is Surprisingly Ugly

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For Love's Sake THINK About What You Are Saying

Sometimes, even the people of the world whom many others consider the brightest and most solution-seeking individuals can say or promote some of the most stupid, sense-deprived theories and arguments.

Earlier yesterday morning I was at the house of an elderly, very religious friend of mine helping her to clean. In the course of cleaning I could hear her on the phone for a prayer session. She was asking for God to show His mighty and just wrath on those who are gay or lesbian and those who oppose legislation granting such individuals equal rights and equal protection. She was also very specific in praying that God pour out His wrath on those individuals who are against anti-gay laws in Uganda that evidently call for the execution of homosexuals.

What the hell is wrong with people? There is nothing even remotely good and wholesome in praying for such a terrible thing. I have known this woman for more than three decades and she truly is one of the smartest people I have ever come across and I found it disturbing that someone of such a high level of intellect would utter something so insanely stupid.

This is an interesting article. I encourage you to look up similar articles on the internet.

And Christians think they are being persecuted? I say fight back. Sooner or later the laws will hold the attackers responsible. Until then, fight the good fight.

You're goddamn right preachers should be held responsible for hate crimes that can be linked to something they have said.


Double yikes.

Is this an example of the love that just oozes out of your God-inspired Bible? Do you suppose Jesus and God know what you are saying on their behalf and what you are suggesting? Are you saying that the love of Jesus Christ may be denied a person because they are gay/lesbian? Are you saying it is okay to kill gays and lesbians? This is your message of love that God has given you from His supposed Word?

Wow. So much for Jesus loves me this I know. So disgusting. So sad. So wrong.

Such ugliness!! Holy shit...where is the LOVE, dude? People actually go to this guys church? This is how you get people to know God?

This is so fucked up and deeply ugly I do not know what to say except that some people are totally fucked in the head.

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