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Christian Nationalism and Revisionist History

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So, what happens when recorded history does not fit with Christianity?

There are some things that will forever be difficult for me to completely wrap my brain around. I do not mean your general run-of-the-mill subjects like mathmatics, astronomy, language studies, literature, fine art and so on and so forth. The things that bug me the most center around the behavior of some of those claiming to be children of God, believers of the "good news" of the salvation of Jesus Christ for all of mankind.

For all of the truth that is supposed to be the foundation of monotheistic faiths there sure is a lot of lying taking place. Some of the lies are not easily spotted and take an astute mind to recognize and address. Some of the lies are not all that hard to recognize. Some of the lies are so out-of-this-world stupid that you are left wondering exactly what had possessed the individual(s) making such claims to say such a goddamn stupid thing in the first place.

Christian revisionism holds that the United States was founded on Christianity, and that in order for this nation to properly deal with problems the Christian elements of this country's founding must be restored. Here is where all sorts of problems emerge and at the hands of the revisionists at that.

Christian revisionists have a very bad habit of discarding recorded, verifiable history as worthless lies purposely planted by the enemies of God, and by all those whose life mission is to convince Americans that this country was NOT founded on Christianity/the Bible. 

Depending on the revisionist you talk to you will be informed that all those against God and the Bible have been extremely clever in their efforts to take away from the Christians the country God intended to be for and to only belong to Christians. In fact, those against the supposed Christian founding of the United States have been so clever that the changes they made to U.S. History are believed nearly by everyone AND the proof that this country was founded as a Christian nation has been purposely hidden or destroyed outright.

The truth of the matter is that the revisionists take ANY information they can find and then twist the shit out of that information in order to fit whatever caca-poo story they are trying to sell. While there is ZERO proof of the revisionists claims (or, depending on how you look at it, loads of proof as to the opposite of revisionist claims) the idiots pushing these deluded claims cling tenaciously to their ridiculous assertions, likely thinking that their insistence to believe such things without proof (or in the face of truth as to the opposite) makes them look courageous, honest, trustworthy, righteous, and absolutely chock-full of the deepest of faith.

Making things even worse, many of those who support revisionist history teach this bullshit to their kids, shamelessly polluting the younger generations with notions that the government lies about absolutely everything, is trying to suppress Christians by taking away their religious rights, and can never be trusted to do the "right thing" which is, of course, whatever the Christian God from the Bible would do. Isn't religion grand? Come, let's take a look at some video clips.

A fine example of a representative of Christianity purposely twisting facts in an effort to prove their non-existent God and claims to the United States being founded by Christians for Christians, as true.

This is an excellent video of information that many Christians refuse to see or even consider before they go and make outlandish claims as to the founding of this country.

Oh dear Jesus. More lies crammed down the throats of kids who do not know enough to ask why the adults who are supposed to be teaching them are instead lying to them.

You know, religious folks have been twisting the truth of the founding of America for so long you would think they would at least be a little better at it than this.

This is good stuff.

Hah! Limited government originated with Christianity? That's a good laugh. Christianity is about a dictatorship at best, and a tyranny at worst. Christianity has no view of government other than, "Our God says do it this way, or die."

Who gives a shit what Sarah Palin has to say about our government and what our nation was founded on? I am surprised she can freaking count to five. How the HELL did such a ditz get as far in politics as she did? Christ, can you imagine if someone like Palin and someone like Dan Quayle reproduced with each other?

David Barton's view of America's founding is not just controversial, it is pure fantasy.

Oh PLEASE. They believed the Bible and the notion men were created in the image of God? Right. Was that why they treated the Blacks and Native Americans and Mexican so well, because they saw them as equals created by God? Gonna have to work a LOT harder to sell that one.

The United States of America...IS NOT...a Christian nation.

This guy LOVES to lie. David Barton can't help but to lie in an effort to sustain any of the crap he claims as far as the USA being founded on the Bible as a Christian nation.

Dude, if it makes you feel better to truly think that this nation was founded on the Bible and Christianity...well, power to you. It does not make what you say true, but power to you.

This is what folks like David Barton don't want you to know, what they persistently deny in an effort to sustain their fairytale dreams of the USA being a Christian nation.

It is really sad how these people are so insistent on trying to prove something that is utterly false.

Thank goodness there are Americans out there who have an understanding as to what this nation was founded on...and it is NOT Christinaity.

Pay close attention here to what is said about Thomas Paine.

Oh dear. Boy, some people are seriously scary when it comes to their belief that God and Jesus want American for Christians, and that God and Jesus also put certain people in positions of power. Yikes. Freaking scary.

Great. Another religious freak who thinks wars and earthquakes mean that we (the human race) are in the 'last days' as so described in the Bible. Oh, and I hear Jesus is right around the corner and ready to return and rupture, I mean rapture, his ever-faithful, brainless followers.

Jesus Christ, lady. Why can't a rainbow just be a damn rainbow? So, God revealed something to you? Why you? Why didn't He go and reveal something to those who DON 'T believe in Him so that they would see the supposed truth as God intends it to be seen?

Some people really have no shame in lying about how and what this country was founded on. But, I suppose as they feel the power they have been used to for so long slipping away they are apt to do and say some pretty stupid stuff in an effort to try to stay in control.

This is really interesting.

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