Monday, December 23, 2013

What Does God Do To Gays? Part I

Divine sanctions for mistreatment of homosexuals?

Sooo...if being gay is a bad thing how does God want people to behave in regards to punishing what is supposed to be a very bad thing? Does God tell people what the punishment is supposed to be or does He let them choose how to punish gays so long as it is something that falls under the confines of the definition of 'punishment' or something similar? Let's take a peek, shall we?

Sooo...what God does to punish gays is to punish EVERYONE? Why in the world punish everyone for something so few do? Does law really work like this, where everyone should be punished for what others do? Is this divine judgment? And garbage like this is precisely part of what gives God and religion such a bad name. Seriously? You really, really think that the changing weather patterns in Colorado are part of some divine judgment for issues with gay marriage? You're smoking crack, dude. It is called 'weather' and it happens to be a major part of the processes of this planet, which by the way is a living planet so these thing DO happen. And why the fuck would God punish everyone in Colorado for something only a fraction choose, hummm? That sounds fair and balanced, right?

This guy thinks that gays (or at least people who engage in gay sex) should be shot in the head with a bullet or bow and arrow. Wonderful. He says this toward the end of this clip in case you were wondering. I only say that because this fellow goes on and on before he gets to saying that. Anyways, this is quite the misleading video. The wrestler's stage name was Rick Michaels and his real name is Raymond Rawls. He was charged with sexual exploitation and NOT being gay as this ding dong apparently thinks. Sexual exploitation IS a it SHOULD BE. Being gay is not a crime, as it SHOULD NOT BE.

Did you know that the term 'sodomy' is not only NOT in the Bible, but it is a terrible and purposeful misinterpretation added to the repertoire of the Christian religion by those seeking to control by redefining what the divine is against as far as sex goes? No? Check this out:  And did you know that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with homosexuality? Check this out: do realize that the first use and supposed intended meaning of the word 'sodomy' is completely inconsistent with the Bible, right? The Bible never, NEVER said such a word with such a meaning. People added that shit. Check this out:  And finally, here is the clip where some ass munch named Pat Buchanan says gays ought to be castrated at about 3:10 into the clip:

This is horrible and deeply heartbreaking. People did this to their child whom they suspected was gay. A child. Their child. Do YOU have children? Would you do such a fucked up thing to them just because you suspected them to be gay? Do you know what it is like to be looked down upon and belittled and harassed and demeaned and mistreated because you are gay? Do you know what it is like to want to die because of how you are treated because you are gay? Would you want your sibling or child to feel such a way?

God, the Bigot. And yes, Bigot should be capitalized since God IS the biggest, baddest BIGOT there ever was, correct?


Jail time for being gay. ? Jail time for being gay? Robbers and thugs and molesters go to jail for harming, HARMING others. In a same-sex marriage someone is creating a bond with someone they LOVE. If you are straight...would YOU go to jail to marry the man or woman you love? I am a woman. Would I go to jail just to marry the woman I love? Yes.

Duck your head? This woman is fucked in her head. 


Where is the wrath and punishment of God for elder abuse, rape, robbery, battery, exploitation, bigamy, pedophilia, physical abuse, mental abuse, spiritual abuse, child abuse, animal abuse...all of these abuses that some people seem to have an affinity for? Out of all of these terrible things God chooses to punish EVERYONE for those who are gay? Being gay is not a crime, but rape is a crime. Being gay is not a crime, but child abuse is a crime. Being gay is not a crime, but robbery is a crime. Being gay is not a crime, but elder abuse is a crime. WTF, God?

Maybe part of the problem is that there are some people who just have a need to be mean, whether or not the fulfillment of that need pacifies some deep-seeded desire for control and power. I do not know. But...I think there are just some people who have this need, this push from within them, this propensity to be mean...and they WILL defend this need. Yikes. Fuck 'em.

What a move by these parents who set this shit up, hummm? Shut out the gay kids? What a way to bring a society and a people together, what a way to teach your children/the next generation how to behave and treat others. Nice.

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