Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Impotent All-Powerful God

The Power of God is a Ruse

Let us forget for the moment that Cindy Jacobs  is lying out of her ass. Instead, consider why it is that everytime people pray and ask God for help or ask God for an answer that God never arrives in person to help, never answers in His own voice? God is always sending someone else to do his bidding and miracle working FOR Him. God doesn't answer your prayers Himself, but rather sends angels to do that for Him. This is completely inconsistent with the idea of an all-powerful God running the show.

Let me get this straight...your little five year old daughter has the power to command a storm to stop? You would have me believe that God would allow a five year old little girl to have the power over a force of nature, but this same God will not allow people to overpower or stop a gunman before he goes into a school and murders children and teachers?

Here we go again with the supposed examples and manifestations of the power of God. God will show His power at an event such as this but God will not protect the four children who were killed by drowning by their mother because she believed they were possessed by the devil? And you wonder why people want nothing to do with your God, your Bible, and your religion?

This is why God lets bad things happen to good people who do not deserve such bad things, right? It isn't that God cannot help or will not help, but rather it is God trying to teach the wicked of the world a lesson by murdering the innocent. 

Soooo...God gives the power to part the sea but will not give the power to prevent religious fundamentalists from flying planes into buildings, will not give the power (or exercise the power Himself) to save the abused children of the world, and will not give the power (or exercise His power) to stop crime? Sounds a little screwy.


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