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If One Element is a Lie or a Myth...All of it is a Lie or a Myth

Looking Into Biblical Claims Part I
Inconsistencies, Impossibilities and Unlikeliness of God's Act of Creation

     The Bible is supposed to be THE absolute truth, THE final and unchangeable Word of God. For as unchangeable and truthful the entire Bible is supposed to be, it would logically follow that if so much as one iota of information in the Bible can be irrefutably shown to be a myth, exaggeration or a lie...ALL of it is a myth or exaggeration or lie.

     Since this particular religious/holy text is loaded with all sorts of craziness and idiocy it would take a blog post about a b-zillion miles long to list everything. Considering that I decided to go through the Bible and break everything into separate blogs. Not every book in the Bible will have a specific blog because not every book in the Bible is interesting enough to have its own blog.

     We will start with Genesis.
     So many Creationists are adamant in their assertion that God created everything in the universe in just six days. While there are those believers who would try to account for the great age of our planet by manipulating the actual amount of time that passed for each day in the Creation, this effort still does not come even close to the amount of time necessary for life to form.

How did God create light before He created the sun? Where did the water come from?
     This video is part of a series dedicated to addressing the Bible's claim of God creating everything. Here, we start with the creation of light.
     Remember that in regards to light Genesis 1:3 says, "Then God said, Let there be light, and there was light."

     Here in this video a well meaning believer tries to explain what Genesis 1:3 really meant when noting that God created light. People will say the darnedest things in defense of God creating everything.

     What about the water that the Spirit of God was moving over in Genesis 1:2? Genesis 1:2 says, "The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters."

     This video is very succinct in its explanation in regards to the formation of the sun and moon and the stars. In the beginning of the video there is a Creationist doing his damnedest to explain the sun and moon and stars and where light was coming from.
     Genesis 1:16 says, "God made two great lights-the larger one to govern the day, and the smaller one to govern the night. He also made the stars."

     Here is a fine example of Christian hypocrisy. Many believers are loathe to take the Bible in anything OTHER than a literal interpretation. This is quite often an issue when it comes to the book of Leviticus where homophobic believers love to point out the verse that supposedly tags being gay or lesbian an abomination. Many scholars of language and culture have noted that the verse must be taken in context, that what the verses meant was that being gay or lesbian was not of the custom.
     Of course, you would be hard pressed to find very many believers who would agree with the idea that such a verse must be considered in the context it was written. The Bible must be taken literally. If God says being gay and lesbian is evil and worthy of death, then it is. To try to suggest that the words should be taken in context is a deliberate pollution of God's Word and a trick of the devil.
     The best part of this argument by many believers is that while they do not want to look at the verse in the Bible that condemns homosexuality and lesbianism in any way other than literal, these same assholes are very quick to say that the verses in regards to Creation should be taken in the context of which they were written. Hah! Talk yourselves out of that nonsense.

     This video provides an excellent example of a believer trying to explain away the inconsistencies and impossibilities of the Genesis account of light, the stars, the sun, and the moon being created.

How did God create heaven?
     The creation of heaven and the firmament is another problem for the creation story found in Genesis. Many people try to fix everything by saying what God actually created was the atmosphere of the earth, but this half-ass attempt to fix the holes in this story fall short.

How did God create the land on day three of Creation?
     Here, the Bible fares no better as it tries to explain how the land came to be. Genesis 1:9 says, "And God said, Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear. And it was so."

How did God create plants before He created the sun?
     I think it is hilarious that there are indeed scientists 'out there' who truly believe in the myth of God creating everything in the universe, especially the absurd notion that plants were created BEFORE the sun was supposedly created. Apparently, I am not the only one to see this obvious discrepancy in the biblical account of Creation.

     It is interesting that many believers of the Bible story of Creation balk at the idea of man evolving. Okay, fine. We will play that game. But, man is NOT the only organism that has evolved because plants have also evolved. Imagine that. So, even if we throw out the evolution of man we still have the evolution of plants. Then again, maybe that does not even matter since God created plants BEFORE the sun which makes no goddamn sense whatsoever. Enjoy.
How did God create the sun and the moon and the stars?
     One of the most ridiculous verses in the Bible refers to the moon as 'giving' light. Of course, now we know FOR SURE that the moon does not give light, but rather reflects light. There is a huge difference between reflecting light and giving light. But never mind all that, and let us just go take a peek at how the sun came to be.

     This video discusses an opinion that light and the formation thereof is really about the formation of the eye. I know...totally retarded. You would think the people making the shit up would at least have the balls to make up a better story than that it was the first eye that was created, or the first eyes able to view contrast and color and all that.

How did God create the birds and sea animals?
     This is very interesting in how the sea creatures and the birds came to be. This video even touches a bit on how the context of the word 'whale' should be taken, and how some believers of the story of God making everything try to say that non-believers try to utilize this possible misinterpretation or contextual mishap to make the Bible appear to be wrong.

     Here we are presented with the problems that are encountered with God's creation of the birds before the land animals. I remember when I was a kid that one of the private Christian schools I attended routinely instructed that the idea of birds being descendants of dinosaurs was a direct lie of Satan and an obvious plot by the devil to lead people away from God by using bad science and outright lies.

How did God create the land animals and Man?
     Creationists are probably the MOST adamant when it comes to denying that man evolved from anything. Man is supposed to have been poofed into existence by God who took some dirt/dust, formed it into the shape of a man, and then breathed into the dust and made it a living soul. How in the fuckey-doo can anyone believe something so absolutely retarded? How do these people think that God poofing dust into a man sounds any better or more credible than man evolving from apes?

     It really is very unfortunate that those deluded by the Bible's story of God creating everything try so goddamn hard to make any bit of such a ridiculous story resemble anything even remotely similar to truth or possibility. What many of those who believe the Genesis account fail to understand is that all it really takes to debunk the entire lunatic story of Creation is to show one thing to be incorrect.

     You show ONE thing to be false and you automatically prove everything to be false, and this is because of the Bible's own verses which claim itself to be the utter and final truth of God. Every word is supposed to be total truth, God's own words and power that stand forever and that do not fade like the flowers and grass do. Now, that sounds all nice and pretty if you want to view it as a mythological poem or mythological tradition, but we are talking about REALITY here.

So, what's the rub with the claimed truth of Genesis?
     I find it to be both confusing and offensive to the intellect of humankind that the Bible myth of Creation continues to be heralded as THE truth as to how everything came to be. And while those who cling tenaciously to the story of Creation just LOVE to counter atheists and other skeptics with the questions, "Well, if God did not create everything who did?" and, "How can you look at the beautiful and intricate nature of everything around you and make the absurd claim that everything popped into existence with the Big Bang?" the fact remains that Creationists are in no better position to give a credible answer for where everything originated.

     Perhaps one of the biggest tragedies stemming from believing the Bible as total and absolute truth is that some people stop asking questions about why we are and where we came from, instead focusing on myth. This myth that is very deeply believed by many around the globe not only leads to pointless religious arguments and wars, but it completely dampens that part of a human being's intellect that is naturally curious, and that naturally seeks the answers to important questions.

     Those refusing to take anything in the Genesis account as truth are ALWAYS SEARCHING for the real answers that explain and define everything in existence. Those who DO believe the myth have STOPPED SEARCHING for truth and explanations, instead choosing to label those things they do not understand (or in some cases refuse to understand) as the mysteriousness with which their God persistently operates.

     I think that perhaps some of those who fully believe in the Genesis account of how everything came to be mistakenly think that when ridiculed and razzed by those who do not believe such rubbish, that is the equivalent of the non-religious asserting that they have all the answers to the important questions. This is a mistake. Those who do not believe these Bible stories don't know how everything came to be, but they are sure as hell studying the world and the universe around us in an effort to find out. Some theories are off a tad while yet others are completely off. Some theories are held onto and others are discarded as they are disproved by scientific studies. But the point is that people are searching for the knowledge.

     The idea that God created everything in the universe in six days is ludicrous and parallel to a genie poofing   all existence upon command. To believe the Bible's version of how everything came to be a person absolutely MUST believe in magic. It does not matter how much believers assert that God does not have to follow His own laws of nature and the universe since He is the one who created them in the first place. That is a false argument because in order to break or breech any one of these laws God would absolutely have to use magic. There is NO way around this and NO explanation for this.The existence of these natural and universal laws are the strongest, most obvious rebuttal of God's Creation and the impossibility thereof.

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