Monday, June 24, 2013

If One Element is a Lie or a Myth...ALL of it is a Lie or a Myth

Looking Into Biblical Claims Part II
God brought whom out from where?

     Other than the spiritual salvation that Jesus Christ garnered for all of mankind when He died on the cross, the most popular and oft quoted story of deliverance from the Bible is the story of the exodus of the Children of Israel from the land of Egypt.
     Never mind the repeated attempts to validate the story of Moses parting the Red Sea for a handy-dandy escape route for, oh, about a million people, but with the question as to the very presence of the Israelites being in Egypt to begin with you need not bother to search for chariot rubbish at the bottom of the Red Sea. That would be putting the cart before the horse, right? First, you must establish without a doubt that God's chosen people were indeed enslaved by the Egyptians for four hundred years.

     Well well well. Three cheers for the screwy chronology of the Bible. If you are a believer do not worry. I am absolutely SURE that someone in your particular denomination or even a more generalized representative of Christianity can whip up a good batch of biblical excuses in order to make one of the more cherished Bible myths appear to be true.

     This is very interesting, especially when you realize the way that the sheer numbers of people are broken down. There are also issues with the proofs of the ten plagues, in particular the last plague where God sent the Angel of Death to take all of the first-born...humans and livestock alike. What is the problem with these proofs? Well, the problem is there ISN'T any proof.
     I have been in a few heated discussions about the proofs of the Israelites in Egypt, and one gentleman informed me that pharaohs ascending the throne in Egypt AFTER the Israelites are supposed to have exited were so shamed by the events surrounding the issue, particularly the last plague, that all records of such things happening were removed from Egyptian history...on the command of the ruling pharaoh at the time.
     And of course the reason given for why this was done always comes around to be eventually labeled as a plot of the devil as he furiously tries to cook up ways to deceive people. That's right. The Exodus really did happen but big bad Satan is playing a trick on people and making the Bible look like it is lying by meticulously removing all evidence of the supposed Israelite bondage in Egypt.

     Listen very carefully boys and girls: there is NO archaeological evidence of a mass exodus by the Israelites. This does not stop scholars eager to prove the truth of the story and the Bible from pouncing on obscure references in the hieroglyphics and announcing them as the much needed, absolute proof of the truth. What the folks who do shit like this fail to tell you is that there are a couple different interpretations for the obscure reference and it is by no means whatsoever proof of anything.

     Hah! I love it when Christians try to use science to prove the Bible as truth. If this ridiculous story of the enslavement of God's people and their eventual exodus were anywhere even remotely near the truth there would be accurate accounts of such. How? Well, the Egyptians were steadfast in the recording of their own history and culture and traditions, and if the story in the Bible's book of Exodus were real you best believe the scribes would have recorded such.

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