Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Science is a Lie

Participating in Scientific Studies or Believing Such is the Devil's Trick

Of course I had to open with this clip.

So, this guy's mental and spiritual dependence on his religion is so strong and he is so unwilling to let the fairy tale go that he would rather think everything he learned was a lie.

Ahhh, here we have Santa Clause's evil twin setting the science record straight as he reminds us all that geocentric and not heliocentric ideologies are the REAL truth.

This guy tries to defend the idiocy of Creationism and fails miserably.

I really liked this series of videos. When I was a kid I attended private Christian schools from 4th to the first half of 11th grade. The history books we had included verses to help build up and backup the absurd claims as to what TRUE history is. I remember learning all kinds of screwy shit. One of my favorites is when I was taught that the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe and wiped out about a third of the population was actually part of God's plan to eventually go to the Americas to establish the United States and bring Jesus to the natives. I know. Seriously stupid.

Hah! This is an excellent laugh!

 Christians really need to get a grip and stop being so goddamn afraid of education. This is just another stupid attempt of Christians to try to validate their claims against science. And when you inform them about various issues that are contrary to their own beliefs they immediately claim that what science is doing is injecting the supposed truth of God with a bunch of lies.

Hah! Listen to what Pat Robertson says here. He is basically saying that ignorant and stupid people are the individuals to perceive God's miracles because they have not been tainted by the wiles of reason and logic. Hummm...seems like a case of people being too stupid to really know any better.


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