Monday, July 8, 2013

Modern Science: The Christian Kryptonite

Creationism is NOT a science. Period. No matter how accurate you may think the Bible is. No matter how deeply you believe in the bullshit story of Noah's ark. No matter how much you say that whatever God says goes...Creationism is still not a science. Deal with it.

It is absolutely amazing how many bad things in society are attributed to science in some way by ridiculous Christian ideologies. Such a shame that knowledge should be suppressed, for the suppression of knowledge is what gets your ass into trouble in the first place. Ask a Christian if God had been more forthcoming about that bad tree in the garden and if God had warned Adam and Eve about that serpent fellow...if God had been more forthcoming about such knowledge do you think the Bible story line might be just a bit different?

This is an excellent video that shows the blatant lies of one Ken Ham as he tries to twist and misinterpret the words of Bill Nye. Typical attack mode of a delusional Christian desperately trying to do whatever he can to find a way, any way, to validate his ridiculous claims...even if he has to lie. Say, I thought God was against lying?

I love these Penn and Teller videos about the Bible. They are funny, interesting, and have no problem debunking the bullshit myths of the Bible.

I like how this Penn and Teller video starts with one guy saying he believes Jesus died and resurrected, one guy saying that he does NOT believe that Jesus actually resurrected, and one lady saying anything can happen. I love how the old movie film of a version of the Jesus story is labeled as 'actual footage.' Hilarious!

Hah! This is great giggle material as this video claims that the Bible more or less founded modern science and was quite advanced in its scientific understanding. This is so hilarious you have to wonder if the folks who made this video are aware of how stupid it makes them look.

There is a line in this video that says something like, "Evangelical creationists fight hardest against evolution." This is the absolute truth. Creationists give a good goddamn about the basic principles of science.

I love how the formation of morals is discussed in this video with the use of excellent footage of piranhas feasting. The idea that there needs to be a moral law giver in order for there to be morals is simply put a ridiculous idea.

This is a great video that gives something of an explanation as to why Christianity hates Darwin and his evolution theory so damn much.

And people who are caught up in the religion bug wonder why there are so many people in the world who want nothing to do with religion. Look at the huge lie of an article that is taken apart bit by bit by bit in this video, totally debunking the lie of the article's author. Bastard.

Good stuff! Good stuff!!

Wow. It look like Christianity has been quite creative over the centuries and centuries of its existence. What else do you suppose the members of this cult will create in the future?

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