Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who is this Satan?

Where do people get their ideas about Satan?

Do you know who Satan is? Do you know the story of how Satan was cast out of heaven by God? Do you know what Satan's sole goal is in regards to man? Do you know the level of power and command over the supernatural that Satan possesses?

Many people who believe in the tabloid gossip about Satan in the Bible would rather cling blindly and resolutely to their distorted faith than to think for even one minute that the stories about Satan are totally false. It is interesting to come across the many interpretations of Bible verses that supposedly clearly indicate that the ultimate adversary to God, Satan, actually exists.

It is not man who has been duped into following the wicked wiles of Satan. It is Satan who has been duped and used by God in order that God's mighty, if tragically stupid plan for man be completed in the exact horrible and sadistic manner that God has mapped out.

You know what else? Isn't God supposed to be all powerful? If this is the case and if God truly intended for man to remain in the Garden of Eden to enjoy the glory of God for all eternity, how the hell did Satan get the best of God by tricking Adam and Eve into eating the wrong fruit? And don't give me any of that 'this is God's plan' horseshit. And none of that 'Adam and Eve made their own choice' crap either. That doesn't wash because Adam and Eve did not know what or who (Satan/the Serpent) to look out for, much less even know what 'evil' entailed in the first damn place. God never warned Adam and Eve. Never.

But, didn't God tell Adam and Eve to not eat of the wrong tree? Wasn't that fair warning? God did say that but it was by no means fair warning. Oh, don't eat of that tree or you shall surely die. Well, that is all fine and dandy except for the fact that God never told them about Satan/the Serpent; even though the all-powerful God knew by His own omnipotence that the Serpent was the craftiest thing/person/entity ever He did not warn Adam and Eve but chose to leave that out. 

Man did not 'fall' because it is his nature. Man fell because God left out necessary information vital to the survival of man. In torts negligence cases this would mean God breached His duty of care to man by omission, failing to act in the manner a reasonable person would have in the same or similar situation. God's behavior failed to conform to an acceptable level since 'but-for' God's omission to warn Adam and Eve about the Serpent/Satan, Adam and Eve would not have eaten of the wrong tree.

Christianity seems to truly believe that it has the sole rights of the truth and information in regards to Satan and what Satan has done, is doing now and will do in the future. This is pure stupidity. The good and evil portrayals in the Bible are the same as that occurred in pagan religions developing before Christianity. Only the names have been changed. Read the Bible or go to any fundamentalist church gathering and you just may be surprised by the number of people who truly believe that if it wasn't for the Bible informing people about Satan no one would know of this terrible evil lurking amongst we puny humans. The really sad part is that the Bible creates far more evil than it repels.

Well, what do we have here? Why it is another presentation of ridiculous religious ideals and practices intended to scare the crap out of people so they will turn to Jesus. Some people/shows/ideologies even toss in a mention of Nostradamus for simple dramatic effect. Lots of people fall for this bullshit.

I think it is utterly hilarious that people claim to be Satanist, worshiping Satan as God. The really crazy part is that 'Satan' is a term meaning 'adversary' and is intended to be interpreted in terms of position. Satanism is just as much a bald faced lie as Christianity is. Sure, there were ancient rituals and religions that worshiped deities that were absolutely horrible in their purposes and characteristics, but not anything called 'satanism.' At least not until Christianity came along.

Christianity did not want the spiritual competition provided by pagan religions, and with that in mind those intellectuals who conspired to create the lie of the Holy Bible were all-to-happy to toss in devil worship. Pagans and believers alike were informed by various people at various times in religious history that Satanism has always been around but it previously went by different names and terms and whatnot. 

When I was a kid I remember being informed that the Old Testament references to Molec and Baal and other deities were in reality the same as Satan and the worship of Satan. See, Christianity must go out of its way to create these absurd connections between the Bible's presentation of evil divine beings and what ancient history has to say about the spirituality of all things evil in the universe; the number one reason is to show all those with ears willing to hear of how long Satan has been trying to trick man into abandoning God, and how the only way people can be protected and provided for is to concede to the will of God as so presented in the Bible.

Eventually, Christianity will have to face the absurdity of the idea that Satan exists as a person, or that he is totally bad, or that every time he brought a little unhappiness to people he did so under his own command and not the command of God Himself. But who really gives a shit, because when you look through the Bible and see how terrible and evil Satan is supposed to be, such negative characteristics are still not even half as bad when compared to God. God is the real source of evil in the Bible, right? Everything begins and ends with God, thus so does evil.

Christianity should have given its story about Satan a little more thought before putting such into practice. It is far too easy to prove to be false, or at the very least copied from another religion.

Nothing is a plot of the devil because the devil does not exist. I am tired of hearing people blame the bad shit in their lives on the devil, Satan, beelzebub, and whatever other crackpot name religion labels what is supposed to be evil. People screw their own lives up; the devil or Satan has nothing to do with their trials and tribulations.

This is interesting. The guy in this video is somewhat creepy, but he has some pretty good points to make. Not everything, though. Some of what he says is so far out there he is not even in the stadium parking lot much less left field.

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