Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Companies and Industries Run and Influenced by the Devil or Satan

There is an amazing number of Christians out there in the world today who truly think that many of the companies we rely on to manufacture all of the products we use in our day to day living are companies run by Satan.

That's right. Leave it to the religious zealots and the conspiracy buffs of the world to try to ring the bells of doom and gloom by claiming that Satan is out to get you...through music. So damn stupid.

You know what? Before the uber-religious of the world start harping on the so-called wicked and evil symbols in just about everything around us, they should first take a look at the history of their symbol of the friggin' cross. It does not mean what they think it means.

How do you even start to begin formulating a response to shit like this? There is nothing to be said because it is simply too fucking stupid. For as safe and secure as God is supposed to make His followers these folks sure are locked on the idea that the dangers of evil surround them on all sides. Believers are far too caught up in their own hand-me-down legends of God's wrath and Satan's tricks to really see how their aberrant beliefs make them look like real assholes.

Hummm...this video sounds about as credible as all the other crap in fanatical faiths and justifications. They are in control? Hah! Far from it. The individual controls their own mind, not you. If people want to be controlled, want to fear, want to be packed with worry each day as they try to navigate through a life where the devil could pop out from around any corner at any time, hey, that is on them. It is a terrible waste of life, though.

Yep, you guessed it. Satan has lots and lots and lots of musicians in his evil army. Why do believers seem to be so worried and surprised and defensive and pretty much off the cliff when they talk about this bullshit? Who cares? Who fucking cares? Don't these ninnies remember that in their own Bible it does say that such things are supposed to happen? Actually, it DOESN'T say that, but many have interpreted it to mean so.

Oh dear lord. What the hell is wrong with people? Even if this 'meat glue' issue is real, it has absolutely DICK to do with the devil or Satan or Satanism. Fucking 'A' man. Get another damn story because the one you are currently using is beyond over-used.

Oh look! A religious/twisted-belief ponzi scheme.

Be afraid. Be very afraid....ooooohhhhhh! You can tell the people who put shit like this together don't really believe in God. If they did they would not fear anything. Not even supposedly creepy logos that are supposed to be subliminal messages from the very ruler of hell himself.

Alrighty-then. So, AT&T is a Satanic company? Yikes. Good thing I have Boost Mobile. This fuck-wad would have you believe that this company really really is run by Satan. Never mind that the term 'Satan' is not meant to be a real being but actually refers to the position of an adversary. Pay close attention to this guy's supposed proof as to AT&T being run by Satan. Retarded.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it''s Satan trying to trick you with a well-known logo from any number of household name companies.

Religion is wrong. All wrong. The main reason for rock music is to place spells upon people who would normally not be affected by traditional spell-casting methods? Religion is so damn afraid of the human mind and what it can do and how it empowers people that they are constantly working over-time to get people to refuse to use their mind to the fullest capacity.

What do you know. It turns out that Satan needs money just as much as God needs money. Do you suppose Satan approves of people tithing churches? Do you suppose God gets angry or put-out when people give money to Satan's control instead of Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Dayna Mouldoon, and others? Making people afraid of money is not going to help them to treat money or each other better.

Lovely. Another religious crackpot trying to sell his wares of spiritual fear to anyone stupid enough to believe their rantings and ravings. Call out the people of the world who do all the bad shit? Sure. Why not? You DO understand that automatically calls out nearly every religious practice, right? Screw your ideas of false flags, because the number one problem on planet earth is religion and the stupid fear that is stewed up from such. 

RRrriiiiggghhhttttt. The Superbowl halftime show was put on by the Illuminati. You people are truly fucked in the head. It really does not matter where people like you look because they will always see something evil and wicked somewhere, especially if it is something that is naturally contrary to your own pittance-valued beliefs.

Well, watching this video you would think that anyone who is a famous musician or actor/actress has also sold their soul to the devil. Really? That is the best story they could come up with? Selling their souls to the devil? Do you people know how fucking stupid you sound?

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