Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's All a Plot of the Devil

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So, what does our cloven-hoofed pal have in mind for you?

This guy's voice is wonderfully hilarious. So, Satan has already devised a plot for my downfall? Hummm. Sounds pretty scary, OOooooooOOO!! He going to deceive me with knowledge. Really? Deceive me with knowledge? Do you realize how stupid that statement sounds? A lie is deceiving. Knowledge, provided it is indeed the truth, is not deceiving. Religion would LOVE for everyone to think of knowledge as deceiving so that way people will not go out and about looking for the truth, but instead stay with a spiritual ideology that strangles the love and enjoyment and beauty and excellence of life.

So, the LGBT movement is a plot of Satan? That makes no sense. You are going to tell me that the same supposed evil superpower, Satan, that cooked up Hitler and World War II and the Holocaust is going to show God and God's believers what kind of evil damage Satan can lobbying for gay rights? Do these religious eggheads share these crackpot theories with each other before speaking about them publicly?

For all of the claims that many believers make as to some plot or other of Satan being exposed, all that ever seems to be exposed is the stupidity of the religious claims people make. The guy in this video seemingly goes the extra mile (hah!) by trying to make his voice sound deep and commanding as he speaks his poppycock. This asshole more or less says that people not believing in the Bible and the Apostle Paul is akin to being an ignoramus and imbalanced.

What the hell is all of this incoherent babbling about potters and serving masters and shamanism and sorcery? Our children are to be molded according to the scriptures? Screw that! Have you read the Bible and the things that God tells people to do? I don't want my kids being raised on that shit. So, Harry Potter is a plot of Satan to get control of children? I think you are smoking pot.

Oh look! It seems that Satan is into writing screenplays that contain well camoflauged spells designed to poison people and turn them away from God. I like what the lady in this video has to say.

Oh dear me. Nothing but the truth? Religion wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the fucking nose. Of course the devil cannot do you any harm...HE ISN'T REAL! Hello!! While you sing your pretty little song in which you claim you have the devil under your feet you might as well throw your Bible right down under your feet with the devil. That would save a lot of folks a lot of trouble.

Wow. I never would have guessed that Mother Teresa herself was a plot of Satan the WHOLE time. And how did Satan plot to use this nun? Why, he made her addicted to suffering, and in the true expression of brotherly and sisterly sharing Mother Teresa then turned around and shared that suffering with her fellow human beings. Hummm, I wonder if that is part of why when I was a kid I was told that Mother Teresa would not go to be with Jesus when she died?

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