Sunday, July 7, 2013

If One Element is a Lie or Myth...ALL of it is a Lie or Myth

Looking Into Biblical Claims: III

He Who has the Power to Change the Rules DOES Change the Rules at His Pleasure

Believing in God can be more than just a little hazardous to your health, it can be quite confusing. Christianity would have you believe that this mighty and powerful God inspired a book called the Holy Bible that was in fact literally, directly from God. There are some problems with this idea. The Word of God is supposed to stand FOREVER, but some of God's words in the Bible are entirely horrible in their instructional value and other words falling from the lips of the divine are divisive, prejudicial and of no value to the human being, i.e. stoning your kids when they mouth off at you.

So what happens when we take a peek into one of the more violent religious texts of all time (the Bible) and point out to those who follow such the level of ridiculousness? The answer is always the same: The 'rule' that God set forth in the Bible either no longer applies OR it is being purposely misinterpreted by Godless Jezebels.

Leviticus is one of the books in the Bible that people regularly fight over, especially when it comes to the supposed rules from God concerning homosexuality and lesbianism. Now believers need to get their shit straight...either everything in the Bible is the exact word of God and applicable, or NONE of the Bible is applicable as a law. You cannot pick and choose what is the truth when just two seconds ago you said all of God's words stand forever.

Let us proceed to a few video examples.

This is a particularly good video explaining how the religiously polluted of the universe purposely and carelessly twist around the words of the Bible. Such flippant disregard for the original meanings and intended interpretations of many verses in the Bible is in reality standard operating procedure for the Christian faith.

Listen to the information provided here and ask yourself why Bible interpreters would alter some of the meanings? Then ask yourself how Christians can so smugly proclaim their Bible as truth, the actual words of God Himself, when from the very beginning of Genesis until the last words of Revelation, half-truths, misdirection, purposeful misrepresentation, and outright lies are used by believers to aid in peddling whatever new spiritual product they have wrapped up in fear and have presented to the masses.

What better way to alienate and mistreat those whom you despise than to dig into the Bible and look for any verse that can be interpreted to mean exactly what it is you are claiming God is instructing people to do or not do?

This is freakin' hilarious!!

Oh geeze. This guy's explanations along with his 'examples' are pretty damn far out there. I am most intrigued by this man's question as to whether or not certain verses should be taken out of the Bible. He uses an example out of Leviticus in regards to one man marrying his brother's wife and how if they did indeed get married God would make them barren.

This is stupid. God cannot seem to make up His goddamn mind when it comes to procreation. First, with Adam and Eve and even with Noah, God allows rampant incest to occurr in order to populate the earth. Nice. But, when does this edict from the Most High pass divine legislation? One minute God approves sleeping with your sister or daughter and the next minute He is lobbying against marrying your brother's wife?

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