Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Plots of the Devil

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Moo-AH-hahaha! The Devil has your attention, and your salvation, too!

Here in this blog I will be using the words 'Satan' and 'Devil' interchangeably. Yes, I know...they do not mean the same things when considering the context in which they were written. I merge the two to keep things simple for the spiritually ignorant. Please do not be confused by this.

And now, off to the first video.

Okay, here we go again with the idea that Satan/Devil plots against the believers of Jesus Christ and God and all that carnival goop. It is so stupid, though. Think about it. Once you receive Christ, once you are in the Father's hands, you are ALWAYS in the Father's hands. It does not make any difference what you think this Satan/Devil fellow has in store for you, don't you see this? And I am directing this at the believers 'out there' in religious la-la land. You wonder why as time goes by that less and less people want to listen to your poisonous religious rhetoric, and here is your answer. Look at the amount of fear in your life.

Salvation through Jesus Christ is supposed to relieve you of your spiritual suffering and the cost of your transgressions since, as a mere human being, you cannot do so for yourself. So you accept Christ and get baptized and go right back to fearing anything different that you or anything that threatens your snug spiritual blanket you wrap yourselves so tightly with. It is no wonder why so many religious folk have the issues they have with other members of society who do not wish to believe the same.

Here in this video the more pathological members of the religiously deluded showcase their insensitivity of the suffering of others in an attempt to use great tragedy to try to validate their faith in the greatest lie of all time (well, at least all time up to this point). Sandy Hook, according to some was a plot of the Devil/Satan. Of course there are those who proclaim the tragedy as God punishing people (Americans in particular) for the bad shit they have done, are doing now and will continue doing in the future.

For some believers it is far easier to believe that Satan was responsible for Sandy Hook and not God. Who wants to think or believe that God, THE God, would kill little children as punishment for the egregious deeds of others? Blame it on Satan. Many representatives of Christianity have uttered some pretty ridiculous and calloused shit, but this takes the proverbial cake. This is pretty goddamn low.

Oh, and you want to talk ritual sacrifice? What about Abraham being told by God to sacrifice his son? Oh, that is right. God stopped him just in time so it does not count. Okay, then what about the practice of drinking wine and 'breaking' bread while pretending it is the blood and body of Jesus?

Holy shit! This is so funny! I really like the part where this guy says the dinosaurs have motive to cause evil to mankind being as though the dinosaurs are extinct, and apparently still pretty miffed about the whole thing. When I was a kid and asked about why the fossils were millions of years old when the Bible states our earth's age is only about six thousand years, I was informed that the fossils were both a test by God and a plot of Satan to see who really believes in God or not. Anyone believing what science says in regards to the fossils being millions of years old have been tricked by Satan.

You know, it does not really matter whether or not Satan stops a person from least not in Christianity. Why? Simple. You are not saved by works. Prayer is a work. Sure, God may want you to drop a line to Him every day but if you have accepted Jesus it does not matter in the end. Once you accept Jesus it is a done deal.

Where the hell is this cretin getting his interpretations? The advertisement on the page is symbolic for the Devil and the anti-Christ? This is supposed to be an actual Satanic plot? Say what? Since when did Satan take up advertising? Some people are not human but rather are Satan's children (literally) in disguise. The really crazy part is this idiot really believes what he is saying.

One of Satan's favorite ways to plot against people is to introduce them to occult practices. People want power, strange power, power that most people do not have. To get this power they become witches or cast spells or sell their soul to the devil...yada yada plucka plucka. Satan makes you think you have these powers when you really do not, because God is the only one with powers like that. Hummm. I think the real reason why Christianity is so against occult practices is purely from the point of view of not wanting the competition.

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