Sunday, August 14, 2011

Belief is Not Truth: Part II

Now, consider that God is not fact, but rather is only belief. And it does not matter whether the argument is for the existence of God as an actual personality or being, or as the descriptive term for everything that humans do not understand inasmuch as First Cause is concerned. The belief in God as an actual personality or being is born from the ideology that someone intelligent must be responsible for all of existence. Yet, it does not stop there, does it? Not only is this God Personality/God Being said to exist, but it is also given emotional and personality traits, given a gender, given needs and desires, assigned responsibility of specific actions, and even given the power of reasoning.

In order to sustain the belief of God as an actual personality and being a history is devised. This history has two purposes:
     1) To continue the cause of belief in God
     2) To provide substance for the claims based on the belief of the existence of God
The more dramatic this history is the longer it will be believed and the more fiercely it will be defended and fought over.

For some individuals and groups God is not necessarily a personality, but rather is the descriptive term for everything that is not understood about existence and the cause of such. Then as discoveries are made whatever was discovered is given a name, a cause, and a place. It is no longer considered to be part of God. Let us use volcanoes as an example. Early man thought that the reason volcanoes erupted was because the gods were angry with man. Now we know differently. Through the growth of geological sciences we now know that the eruption of volcanoes has absolutely zilch to do with God or any concept of such. Volcanoes, much like weather patterns, are a part of the health of this living planet we inhabit.

This can be said of every natural disaster. Such things have nothing to do with any God or divine personality wreaking havoc and punishment upon mankind. Natural disasters are not proof of God. Natural disasters are not strengthening fuel for the argument in favor of God. Natural disasters give no credibility to religion.

Such things are simply natural...and disastrous.

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