Friday, August 12, 2011

Trying to Point Out the Obvious

Curious as to what people have to say in defense of the Holy Bible and Christianity, I have recently been reviewing and posting on the Yahoo! Message Boards. I must say I did come across some individuals who were actually quite agitated with the atheist questions posed to them.

Right out of the gate the most common believer response when being asked for proof of God/Creator is the believer turns around and responds with a statement and question of their own: Can any atheist prove there is no God? How absurd this question is! Atheists do not believe in God, so following that line of reasoning it is impossible for an atheist to surrender proof of the fact they do not believe in God. How can an atheist provide proof for that which they hold to be non-existent?

Then, as usual, many believers point to the fact that atheists have no proof that God does not exist. Then believers use this 'inability' for atheists to prove what is not there in the first place as strong evidence for the validity of their delusional, violent, divisive Christian faith.

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