Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nature and Religion: Part III

For everything that man does not have an immediate answer for, many religious quacks, charlatans, and salesmen of salvation interpret this as valid proof of the existence of God. This is completely and totally bogus.

He is a thought exercise in regards to this subject:

     Two men are fishing for their meal. They are fishing in what looks like a decent sized river, but in actuality it is really a swollen creek. The reason it is so much bigger is a recent storm caused an actual near-by river to overflow and send water and fish to the much smaller creek. The men knew this would happen, because it happens every year at the same time for the same reasons. It is part of the seasonal processes.
     One man asks the other, "Do you believe in God?" The other man says, "No."
     The first man asks, "Why not? Can you prove there is no God? Can you prove my faith to be incorrect? Where do you think the fish for your meal came from?"
     "The river."
     "Where did the river come from?"
      "Well, this river is actually a creek that has been flooded by a mighty storm."
     "Where did the storm come from?"
     "They come every spring."
     "Why do they come?"
     "Well, the clouds become heavy with water."
      "And why are the clouds heavy with water?"
     "The clouds are heavy with water because of the processes involving water vapor, condensation, evaporation, and the like."
     "And why do such things occur?"
     "Because they are part of what weather patterns are."
     "Where did weather come from?"
     "All parts of this planet have some form of weather. It is the natural process of this planet."
     "Where did the planet come from?"
     "Our planet is part of a solar system found in the Milky Way."
     "Where did the Milky Way come from?"
     "It is part of our universe."
     "Where did the universe come from?"
     "I do not know. Scientists are still trying to figure that out."
     "God made the universe and everything in it."
     "No he didn't. Like I said, we just have not figured that out yet."
     "No. You can't explain it and simply don't want to admit God did it."
     "No. God did not make anything, and just because I cannot explain why or what something is or where it came from that does not mean God did it. Every time I cannot explain something you try to use that as proof of your God being responsible for creating everything."
     "That is because he did."
     "No. Before people knew what made clouds many claimed they were created by God. Well, science proved such things as evaporation and condensation and all that good stuff that contributes to cloud formations. It is called weather. Then when people did not understand weather they said God did it. When weather patterns and such were discovered the God endorsers moved on to explain that God made the planet that held the weather. Science proved that earth was part of a solar system in the Milky Way which itself is part of an impressively enormous universe. Then, the Bible-thumping, openly condemning, religious creeps of Christianity/Religion moved onto the next thing that man could not and has not yet been able to understand...the universe and its origin. And THAT brings us right back to square one where you try to use my lack of understanding as proof of the existence of your God."

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