Saturday, August 13, 2011

Belief is Not Truth: Part I

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There are many individuals and groups who wholeheartedly believe in everything the Bible and Christianity have to say. Is this a problem? Not in and of its own. The problems start arising when these same individuals and groups try to pass off their belief as truth and demand that other people either acknowledge the God of Christianity and the Holy Bible as truth, or burn in hell forever.

Isn't that nice? Believe this way or die. I would like to hear some Christians explain this absurdity away and actually make sense. They say their belief is faith. Faith is believing in something or someone or an idea without evidence or proof. Faith is taking something at face value, making a choice of taking something at face value. There is no arm-twisting or coercion involved on any level. As several Christians have told me, "We believe it to be true in our hearts. We believe because we know it is the right thing and the truth."

Really? Press a Christian a little harder for deeper answers and they will tell you that they believe what they believe in because they don't want to go to hell and experience horrific terrors at the hands of Satan. In the end analysis, Christianity is not about having faith in God and everything that the Holy Bible says. It is about saving one's ass from a supposed horrible fate. Believing in something to save yourself is not faith. It is coercion by means of instilling fear, by insinuating that if what the Holy Bible has to say is not believed, if the Christian God is not believed then definite terrors and horrors will take place upon those who do not believe.

There are many wonderful things to believe in. There are many terrible things to believe in. However, those who believe in anything must realize that belief is not equal with, not synonymous with truth. In order for something to be actual truth there must exist within it FACT. There is zero fact in belief. That is part of why it is called belief. It cannot be proven with fact, with substance. And the moment something is proven, the moment a fact is presented about something it is no longer belief and moves into the realm of Truth and Fact.

When it comes to truth and everything that truth encompasses it does not matter whether or not an individual or group of individuals choose to acknowledge such truth. Truth does not need any acknowledgement of any being (reasoning or otherwise) in order to exist. Truth exists regardless of what an individual or group believes or practices or wants or aims for.

Not all that long ago many people believed that the earth was flat, was the center of the universe, and that the sun revolved around the earth. However, the belief in such things did not change the fact or change the truth one iota, did not change the fact that the earth is a sphere, is not the center of the universe, and revolves around the sun and not the other way around.

Belief can never be truth because belief in its very essence and every expression contains zero fact. Conversely, the truth MUST consist of fact. Therefore, belief is devoid of truth for it does not possess the consistency and substance of fact. And there are no half-truths. Something either is or is not the truth. Belief is the mental action of supposition and should never be confused with the physical action of fact. Fact is truth for no matter what is believed, it simply is. Truth does not need believers in order to exist.

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