Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fantasy in the Bible: Leviticus

Leviticus. Wow...what can I say? Leviticus is one long Biblical book about sacrifice and where the blood from said sacrifices should be sprinkled...a little bit of blood here on the alter, a little bit of blood there on the horn of the alter, and a little blood on the temple curtain or floor for good measure. NICE.

See, the problems here with Leviticus are not just the very, very detailed descriptions of the sacrifices (wring the head from the neck of the turtle dove, kill the lamb at the door of the temple before the Lord, and all that craziness; please go to this link to read Leviticus: WHY are these people having to kill all these animals just to be forgiven of their sins?

There are plenty of people who like to try to pass of this vicious book in the Holy Bible as a book of worship. You know what, with all the killing of the different animals and all the sacrifice it sounds like some damned demonic cult that just likes killing things to atone for crap. Yep. All of you holy-schmoley poo-bahs out there listen up, alright? Your God is a sicko. He is not any better than the slime so-called Satanic religions from now-a-days that hurt animals or people in an effort to scare the rest of the people on the planet. Losers.

Seriously! WHAT is the justification for killing something totally innocent in order that something or someone that is guilty of something may be forgiven? This is an incredibly STUPID line of reasoning! There is no true absolution of any wrong doing just because something INNOCENT has been killed. There isn't ANY absolution at all. You IDIOTS! The problems get BIGGER by doing things like that. Don't you know this?

 So, in Leviticus the supposedly loving God of the Universe instructs people (explicitly so) that the best way to fix their problems is to kill innocent things. Yes. I keep repeating this. Why? Well, maybe you will finally get a grip as to how stupid it is if you hear it several times. Doesn't that sound like a fine God, hum? Dear God, I fucked up and sinned. Dear sinner, say you are sorry to your neighbor for stealing his cow, return the cow, and then kill a couple of doves or maybe a goat without blemish.

That there is a smooth God. Then there are Christians/Religious Folk who say that none of that matters anymore since the NEW covenant with man happened when Jesus died on the cross...the biggest, baddest, most blemish-free sacrifice of all time. That made it so people didn't have to kill all the animals anymore. You know, that line of explanation is not really helping God out in the claim that He is all-knowing. Why didn't He do that to begin with? Wouldn't He have known how things were going to go?

STILL we come back to the interesting question of why anything or anyone has to die in order to pay for 'sin' or wrong-doing? This is stupid. Death...something or someone dying...does not make the consequences of something terrible that someone has done any better. What DON'T people get about this? What is SO GODDAMN hard to understand?

Any God or being that demands death as restitution for wrong-doing on a spiritual/religious level is a fraud. All of humanity has 'sinned' so therefore they need Jesus' blood from the cross as the sacrifice of the unblemished lamb? What the freaky-doo is wrong with this picture? Death IS NOT an appropriate salvation, hope, faith, spiritual/religious end product...whatever you want to call it.

And don't even try selling people on this sacrifice absurdity by saying that they just don't understand God. I don't understand your God? I understand your God just fine, pal. He's a killer who seems to look for reasons to kill something. Everything with the Christian God has to do with death. Think about it. In the Old Testament this God demands regular blood sacrifice. In the New Testament this God supposedly allows/sends His only son to die for the sins of a blood sacrifice on the Cross. Nowadays, loads of Holy Bible/Christianity/God pushers will tell you that if you do not believe in their God, in their Holy Bible, live in the manner their God and Bible says...that you will die.

What a load of crap.

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