Tuesday, August 23, 2011

End Time Delusion

It is absolutely amazing how people will misinterpret information or events in an obvious effort to prove their crackpot religious scriptures and scare tactics. I went onto a website that stated it had twelve reasons (examples) that proved that the world was indeed coming to an end soon. This is that website: http://www.bibleplus.org/12signs.htm

I would like to discuss some of their so-called proof that the world is just about over.

The first proof that is submitted is the fact that knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds. The authors of the article would have you believe that previous to this time in history knowledge grew slowly. That is an ambiguous statement. There are all kinds of knowledge, and sure sometimes we learn more about one thing and less about another, but to cheapen the efforts of man by making it sound like his intellect is lacking is preposterous. The ancient Romans and Greeks and Phoenicians and Sumerian and Egyptians are only a few of the cultures from long ago that made amazing strides in studying and becoming knowledgeable in many areas. Knowledge is not new to man, neither is his quest for more knowledge.

The article offers a verse from the Old Testament book of Daniel 12:4 that mentions in the last days men will be knowledgeable and run to and fro. Humph. You would think that man has been without the ability to travel great distances until recently. Sure, horses and camels aren't that fast, but they can go at a pretty good clip. And what about chariots, wagons, canoes, kayaks, boats, ships...I mean, come on. Man is not as slow as the author would have you believe, and of course those things are far slower than planes and trains, but the point is man has had the capability to travel quite some time.

Another proof offered is that the Gospel has been preached in every nation of the world, spreading the 'Word of God' into nearly every language on earth. The gospel preached in every nation, huh? Did the author stop to think about those nations and cultures who did not welcome those preaching the Gospel, who did not wish to have their lives overturned by someone else's God or faith? Christianity is a severely destructive faith in so many ways, and if you doubt that get some history books about the Natives of North, Central, and South America. Lot of good that so-called 'good news' Gospel did to them. Not everyone wants to hear the lunatic ravings of people who truly believe their make-believe deity pal is better than anyone else's.

Yet another proof offered is the economic collapse of many countries. As we speak right now there are countries in severe economic/monetary crisis...including the United States, Spain, and Greece just to name a few. But this is something that happens regularly in history. It is nothing new, not even for the United States. Surely the author remembers hearing about the Great Depression? Or how about economic issues following the American Civil War? Or what about after the Revolutionary War? You think the U.S. has money problems now? Read about the situation after the Revolutionary War, alright? We were flat on our asses, destitute broke...big time. Every single time there is economic unrest there are plenty of religious worry-warts who jump on the end of the world band wagon. Morons.

The fourth proof offered is the decline in morality. This one is particularly funny, because Christians seem to have some very serious issues when it comes to Gays and Lesbians, I mean, who doesn't know that, right? And every time the Gay Rights movement acquires another victory there is always someone somewhere who will be all to happy to label such as a sign of the end of the world. This is stupid. First of all, love is for everyone. Being Gay or Lesbian has nothing to do with the goodness of a person and does not make them immoral. And for things that are immoral (i.e. thievery, murder, cruelty) such things have been around since the beginning of man. They are nothing new, and the only reason it seems like so many bad things are happening nowadays is because of the news available through the media. With the media we now have access to news from all over the world, so now we know everyone's business. It was not like that centuries ago. People didn't know what everyone else was doing all the time.

Then of course there are the claims of the Mark of the Beast and all of that fun crappy-doo. Well, that and the claim that the Roman Catholic Church is the Beast mentioned in Revelations. What retards. Rounding out the claims of proof are the supposed re-discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the real Mount Sinai, and the supposed real site of the Red Sea Crossing.

The article closes with a really twisted version of Biblical mathematics that is probably supposed to dazzle or strike fear into people. It doesn't. Just some nutters sitting around trying to make the numbers fit, and if they do not fit finding a way to MAKE them fit.

The authors of the article claim that all of these things are proof as to the impending end of the world. They also believe that special messengers have been selected by God to relay this end time message. Stupid. So incredibly stupid.


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