Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nature and Religion: Part II

How long has man occupied planet earth? Is man so foolish as to think that his presence on this planet and his technological accomplishments and achievements and his little satchel of religious beliefs can or will change the natural processes of this planet? Processes that occurred before man, occur now WITH man, and will continue in the future without man?

There are so many examples of major natural disasters. I will list a few of them:
     1) In 1138 A.D. a massive earthquake killed approximately 230,000 people.
     2) In 1202 A.D. in Egypt and Syria, a mega, mega earthquake killed more than one million people.
     3) Between 1347 and 1350 A.D. the "Black Death", which is also known as the bubonic plague, killed approximately 25 million people in Europe, and millions more in Asia and Africa.
     4) In 1769 in India, a famine killed approximately ten million people.
     5) In 1883 in Java and Sumatra, the volcano Krakatoa erupted and caused a tsunami that killed 50,000 people.
     6) Geologists theorize that around 1700 B.C. the ancient Minoan civilization was wiped out by a massive earthquake. However, some historians have pointed out that the well preserved Minoan frescoes and the lack of preserved bodies may point to the possibility that the Minoans may have known/suspected such a disaster and so vacated their cities.
     7) In 373 B.C. an enormous quake and subsequent tsunami wiped out the Greek city of Helike.

The list goes on forever. If you desire more proof of these natural disaster events I encourage you to take advantage of your curiosity (or, in some cases disbelief) and initiate some research.

When these natural events occurred they sometimes triggered extinction of living organisms on earth. Planetary shifts, seasons and seasonal changes, all ebbs and flows of tides and glaciers, tectonic shifts, volcanic activity, extreme weather, and any other related themes are all part of the natural process of this planet.

Through the ages, through the history of man many religious claims have been made as to the reason these events occur. And, through the ages and the history of man science has been able to provide more and more proof as to why things happen and how they happen. As a result, the more science proves and explains things, the more many religious individuals and groups change their beliefs accordingly. Why? They do it in order to continue their own absurd explanations and assertions.

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