Friday, August 26, 2011

Fantasy in the Bible: Exodus

The book of Exodus in the Holy Bible chronicles the suffering of the Children of Israel at the hands of Pharaoh, who eventually did let the Children of Israel go. Of course, maybe the Pharaoh would have let the Children of Israel go a whole hell of a lot sooner if God had not hardened his (Pharaoh's) heart so many dag-gone times: Exodus 4:21; Exodus 7:14, 22; Exodus 8:15, 19, 32; Exodus 9:7, 12, 34; Exodus 10:1, 20, 27; Exodus 11:10. That is a lot, isn't it? So, did God really want to let His people go or did He just want to dish out some divine justice onto Pharaoh...again and again and again by purposely making Pharaoh's heart hard? If you need a copy of the book of Exodus:  and:  and:

And of course there are all the plagues brought upon the Egyptians by God, to include the worst plague of killing all the firstborn in the land of Egypt: Exodus 12:29.

It is the ultimate story of deliverance...or is it? There is interesting historical evidence that definitively points to the solid mythology of the Exodus story and lends absolutely ZERO TRUTH to the story of Moses leading the Children of Israel out from the bondage of the Egyptians. Please go to these links:  and:  and:  and:

There is no truth in the story of Exodus. Just like its predecessor, Genesis, Exodus is a fairytale.

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