Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pat Robertson and the Misinterpretation of the Facts

Mr. Robertson, there are so very many problems with much of what you claim, but for the time being let us discuss the comments you made in regards to New York approving gay and lesbian marriage, shall we? By the way, folks, here is the link to watch and listen to Mr. Robertson's comments for yourself:

Now then, Mr. Robertson, you make the statement that there has never been a nation/society/culture that has survived that has openly embraced homosexuality. This is a very interesting claim, Mr. Robertson. By the same historical information that you used to make such a statement another person could claim that at no time in history has any nation/society/culture survived that has demanded religious following or worship of a single deity. In fact, the United States of America was NOT founded by Christian men as so many would like (and DO) believe. The United States of America was founded by deists. For more information on this please go to the following link: . And yes, there are more links for and against this topic. Feel free to look them up.

Mr. Robertson, start at the beginning of recorded history and follow everything up to this point where we currently are (historically speaking). Nations rise and nations fall, Mr. Robertson. This is a fact of life. Many different religious beliefs have been birthed throughout the ages, and it is true that sometimes nations are founded on religious belief. But regardless of what a nation is founded on, this is no guarantee that such a nation will last. It is the condition of man to fight, change his beliefs, establish new rules and belief systems, create new nations, fight some more, change his beliefs again, create more nations...and so on and so forth.

Whether a nation was founded on specific political notions or religious beliefs, follow history Mr. Robertson. Nations rise and nations fall. Surely you are not so glib as to think we (the United States of America) are an exception. We are here now, yes. I hope we are here for many centuries yet to come. That remains for the individuals of the future generations to see, is that not correct? Our problems as a nation have jack to do with whether or not our political system pisses off your God, making Him enact some sort of vengeance.

You seem to forget, Mr. Robertson (or maybe you just do not wish to admit such) that there is not one nation founded on any religion that has withstood the test of time and now stands just as stoic in present history as it did when it first burst upon the scene. Sure, there are still many religions and groups of people and belief systems that have existed for centuries and even thousands of years...but nations? Read your history books, Mr. Robertson...and try not to put only your special interpretation and religious spin on things, hum?

And of course, there are some nations that have lasted longer than others, but I must remind you that those who have lasted the longest are generally NOT those that have forced religious belief upon the people it governs. In many instances, nations fall and new nations are formed when political systems or religious beliefs are pressed upon people who do not desire to participate in such things. Don't you remember part of the reason why the Colonists came to the New World? They wanted religious freedom...the freedom to practice their faith as they desired; they were tired and frustrated at being told who and when and how to worship.

Do you really and truly think, Mr. Robertson, that the decline or fall of any nation has had anything to do with a nations political systems extending equal rights to those individuals of a society that are Gay or Lesbian? Don't you know that if a nation refuses to extend equal rights to ANY group within the society it governs that THAT particular action can and will lead to political unrest and the possible fall of a nation?

You say, Mr. Robertson, that there has never been a nation that has openly embraced homosexuality and that has lasted. You know what? Neither has there been a nation that has willfully refused rights to specific groups within the people it governs that has lasted. There is not one nation that has lasted that has forced its people (or tried to force its people) to believe in a specific manner. You are good to go to believe whatever it is you wish to believe. However, you have zero right, rhyme, or reason to take your beliefs and force them on anyone else. Your God, Mr. Robertson, is prejudiced, cruel, unjust, unworthy, and totally false. What do you know...false. Just like every other deity man has created.

For more information on such an assertion:


  1. The other thing about the guy is his attitude towards exploiting the less fortunate. Some people have been "cursed by God" the bad things that happen to them he sees as God's will. I get the distinct impression that he doesn't mind being the instrument of "God's will".

  2. Yeah, Pat Robertson is a real ray of sunshine when it comes to condemning people he believes are worthy of condemnation.


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