Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Another Angle II: Screwy

Religions founded on the Holy Bible have some very peculiar beliefs, one of them being that eating wafer and drinking the holy wine signifies eating Jesus' body and drinking his blood. Nice. Let's all pretend like we are cannibals of some holy being. You know what is crazy? Tell various Christians that you are having a ceremony where you are 'calling corners' and that you are using salt for protection as you contact the Guardians of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You are not eating anyone's body or drinking anyone's blood...and you are also NOT pretending to do these things. But, what will many Christians tell you? They will tell you that you are practicing Satanism or that you are misled or that the Devil has blinded you or some other happy horse poop that they dream up in an effort to make their own practices seem better, safer (spiritually), saner, more true...and a whole bunch of other things. Where is the balance in this? How can people not see the disparity in this? Do people really think that pretending to eat a body and drink blood sounds any more sane or real? Seriously.

For more questions and answers on Christianity/Religion: https://sites.google.com/site/wiseonecartooncreations/customization

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