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The Twenty-Fourth Book of The Tenement Gospel (the REAL Holy Bible New Testament)

The Tenement Gospel
(the REAL version of the original translation of the Holy Bible New Testament)

The Book of II J-Dog
(the twenty-fourth book of The Tenement Gospel)

Chapter 1

    1 Foh-shizzle, my brothas, I be writin’ this letter for the elderly and the young, for the man and the woman, for the adult and the child, so that they be havin’ access to all the truth that be God.
    2 Ya’ll need to be knowin’ that this truth be inside you forever, ‘aight?
    3 From all the facets of truth and from all the facets of God, my brotha, may we all be blessed with grace and mercy and pieces of coconut cream pie ‘cause that shit be tastin’ mighty good.
    4 I be writin’ ya’ll this letter ‘cause I be gettin’ lots of former prisoners of the Gospel of Disaster huntin’ me down and askin’ me more ‘bout the Tenement Gospel an’ its truths.
    5 This be makin’ me pretty happy ‘cause it be meanin’ that there are muthas out there who be tryin’ to rectify they former stingy an’ non-sensical gospel.
    6 For those muthas who be peddlin’ the Gospel of Disaster be tryin’ to scare homeys into believin’ they screwy faith, and they be tellin’ them that all other faiths be from the antichrist.
    7 And it be that people hear the word antichrist and they be tremblin’ with fear, but they don’t be understandin’ that they be havin’ nothing’ to fear, and no damn antichrist to be worryin’ over.
    8 This antichrist dude be a fairytale created to be tryin’ to scare people into believin’ the Gospel of Disaster.
    9 But the antichrist only be in the ‘maginations of the stewards of the Gospel of Disaster, and every time they be seein’ or hearin’ someone that be against they beliefs they move like lightnin’ and be callin’ that person the antichrist.
    10 And tell me, my brothas, what good be a faith that be built on fear? What kind of truth be tryin’ to scare people into believing?
    11 If a faith be tryin’ to recruit through fear, then what they be practicin’ not be truth and sure as fuck not be faith. For true faith be independent of any pushin’ or pullin’ of the heart or mind or soul or spirit.
    12 Much like freewill cain’t be reconciled with predestination, faith cain’t be reconciled with fear.
    13 So, my homeys, look into yourselfs to be findin’ the truth of God, for this be resultin’ in the reward of a truly incredible and phenomenal life.

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