Friday, September 30, 2011

God Speaks to Me V: Daily News Blog

These are the messages as relayed to me by the various personalities of God.

Getting What They Deserve
By: God the Diabolical

I am sure many of you have seen or heard the newscasts about Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan being killed by an airstrike launched by counter terrorism forces in Yemen. Supposedly it was a joint CIA-U.S. Military operation. Never mind the question of what U.S. forces were doing in that area of the world, but it turns out that al-Awlaki was supposedly an American citizen. Yes. An American citizen. 

Now, there are apparently many individuals who are very much up in arms about this particular American citizen being targeted and killed. Many people point out the fact that this person had rights to trial and all that horse-shit as so appointed by the United States Constitution. 

Really? This guy who you say was a U.S. citizen was encouraging others to KILL U.S. citizens...or don't you listen to what this ding-dong was up to in his spare time? Some people insist that this man should have been put on trial, that evidence of his misdeeds should have been gathered and presented to the court system. 

What were these people going to use as proof of this idiot's extremism? Were they going to wait until they had video footage of him making bombs and planting them? Did they want to wait until they had another list of innocent people killed by psychotic religious extremists who truly think they are part of something great and good and part of God?

Whether or not the nut-hatch al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico, making him a U.S. citizen is not an issue here, oh people of earth. This guy did not behave as a citizen. Don't you get it? He gave two shits and a donkey squirt for any of the standards that individuals who uphold the U.S. Constitution stand for. His actions and encouragements to others to kill Americans and destroy Americans were in themselves very loud statements that he wanted nothing to do with the United States of America, its people, its Constitution, its laws, or its citizenship.

Mr. al-Awlaki planted particular seeds in his garden, and guess what? The little religiously deluded prick reaped EXACTLY WHAT HE SOWED! And you know what? The same thing will happen to all his little pals who try the same damn thing. You cannot claim association and citizenship and benefits of the laws with a country that you have openly declared war on, you assholes. Common goddamn sense...get some.

People like al-Awlaki are exactly why religion has absolutely zero place in politics. Bunch of crap, it is. What the hell is wrong with you humans? Stop killing each other over make-believe deities and stories of martyrdom and what you might win if you go about killing people who believe differently than you.

And now I move onto comments of other bits of news...

China, nice rocket you got there, eh? Care to tell everyone in the world why you decided to play 'America the Beautiful' on your national television when showing your citizens what the rocket would be doing in space? Was the rocket made with American parts and you were simply offering your thanks through song? Well, at least now no one can call you ungrateful.

Ahhh, Bank of America. Going to load up another fee on your already fee loaded patrons? Tell you what, enjoy it while you can, because sooner or later your patrons will get a clue, pull out all their monies and investments, and go to other banks. Maybe even the Bank of Japan...hah!

Did you hear about the grandfather who survived, like, six days in a 200 foot ravine after being in a car wreck, living off of leaves, bugs, and creek water? Amazing! That guy is totally hardcore! My divine hat is off to you! I hope your recovery is swift and complete.

Dude, PETA, shut the fu*k up and leave the meat eaters of the world alone. You are really up in arms about this so-called 'sexy chicken' advertisement? Just for that I am going to eat a fired chicken sandwich AND a hamburger for lunch.

So, a bear in British Columbia walks into a pizza restaurant and...eats a pizza. Where is PETA on this one? Your asses know that pizza can't possibly be good for a bear, right?

Syria...let's get serious, okay? You want to know why the U.S. has such a problem with your dumb ass? Because you keep promoting dumb shit and even dumber people, that is why. Stop doing the stupid crap that you do and there won't be such a problem. By the way, pissing off Hilary Clinton is seriously the WRONG thing to do. Take it from the mouth of the divine, dude, she will destroy your ass and you will only have yourself to blame for it.

Ah, Mr. Obungle! Surely you did not think I would close this divine comment section without making a comment on you, did you? So, suffering a little thinness in the 'ole pocket money, eh? Do you really think that holding a dinner where each plate is ten thousand dollars or more is going to help you? Considering the lowliness of your approval rating, do you think many people want to pay thousands of dollars to attend a dinner just to hear you jibber-jabber on more useless crap that you will either never do, or that will never make any amount of measurable difference? Like one of my divine compatriots has previously stated...all of us divine beings are crossing our fingers that you do not get re-elected. Humm, I wish to hell Hilary was running for office.

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