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The Twenty-Fifth Book of The Tenement Gospel (the REAL Holy Bible New Testament)

The Tenement Gospel 
(the REAL version of the original translation of the Holy Bible New Testament)

The Book of III J-Dog
(the twenty-fifth book of The Tenement Gospel)

Chapter 1

    1 My brothas, I be writin’ youz concernin’ the wealth of the Tenement Gospel.
    2 May ya’ll be loved, and blessed, and showered with prosperity, foh-shizzle.
    3 And I be plenty happy that so many muthas and brothas be turnin’ to the Tenement Gospel.
    4 An’ don’t it just fill a brothas heart to know that so many people be seekin’ out the truth within they own hearts and minds and souls.
    5 I be biddin’ you to be strong in the love you be findin’ in yourselfs that be of the Tenement Gospel,
    6 And may ya’ll be treatin’ yourselfs and each other with expressions worthy of the love that be in you, and of you, and by you, and for you.
    7 For those preachin’ the Tenement Gospel don’t be pickin’ and choosin’ who be receivin’ the salvations of their understandin’ of God.
    8 And since this be so, it be our responsibility to be makin’ known to the world that we all be fellow muthas and brothas in love and truth.
    9 And while ya’ll be teachin’ the Tenement Gospel remember that they mo’ fos who be plantin’ bad seeds of the Gospel of Disaster will be sayin’ crazy shit about you, tryin’ to be paintin’ you in a bad light so that people be turnin’ from the truth you carry.
    10 But do not let this be bringin’ you down, ‘aight?
    11 And don’t be sayin’ crazy crap like they be doin’, tryin’ to scare brothas into they faith because that don’t be no real testimony, ‘cause real testimony ain’t never born of fear.
    12 In each and every one of us God, all that is God, all that be God has placed a remarkable an’ powerful truth. This be where the real testimony is, mutha.
    13 I be hopin’ for ya’ll many excellent things,
    14 And may all things that be great, grand, and glorious be findin’ they way to you. Be livin’ to love, and lovin’ to live. Peace, out!

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