Tuesday, September 20, 2011

God Speaks to Me I: Daily News Blog

This blog is written word for word as per the instructions of God the Irritated, who speaks through me...much like the way that God Almighty speaks through Pat Robertson. See, Pat, you are not the only one who can communicate with the make-believe.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
By: God the Irritated
While I normally do not like to involve myself in the absurd and nonsense filled activities of humans, I have decided to make an exception today. I watched several television news channels today and am appalled at the stupidity of some of the human beings that inhabit the planet and equally appalled at what is considered viable news.

Why don't we start with a commercial I saw while watching one of these news channels. So, this commercial comes on and is encouraging people worldwide to sign some kind of petition to show support for Israel, show support for peace in the Middle East, and to show how much people are against other nations in the Middle East waging war on Israel. Seriously. This grand petition is supposed to be circulated around the word not only to regular joes, but to political leaders everywhere.

Now, as you know there has been unrest in the Middle East since God knows when. Some people just can't seem to be happy unless they are pestering or bickering with someone else...and usually over religion in some form. Stupid. So stupid. What is even dumber is the idea that some grand petition will change the minds of people who are dead set on destroying others. Do you really think those who desire to wage war are going to give two shits and a monkey's ass about some petition? Nope, they don't. Even if you managed to get a billion signatures they wouldn't care. 

The next news bit to discuss has to do with the idiot 'hikers' who still have not been released by Iran. First things first, who the hell goes to Iran for a hiking trip? Have they heard of Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the Matterhorn, Mount Everest, Mount McKinley, and an array of other places to hike? Secondly, who picks one of the most dangerous places in the world to go on a little backpacking trip? Lastly, our precious little backpackers don't look very much like backpacking hikers, do they? I thought the CIA was better at disguising themselves and blending in. I guess I was wrong. 

Now we discuss this Don't Ask, Don't Tell military policy taking a hike (Hah! Good pun considering what we were just discussing in the previous paragraph.). Myself and all the other gods in the universe don't give the tiniest damn what your sexual orientation is, got that? Stop making such a big fuss over guys who like the pole and girls who like the carpet.

Moving on, I am sure many people have heard of this 'killer' Killer Whale that has killed a third person. Some advice, stay out of his goddamn water and he'll probably leave you alone.
Next, we have some seismologists on trial for not issuing an adequate warning for an earthquake. How is that for amazingly stupid? The closest you can get to predicting an earthquake is, "Yep, you live by a fault line. Sooner or later the ground is gonna shake." Why don't Americans who are dissatisfied with the presidency of Mr. Obungle sue the democrats for offering and selling damaged and ineffective political goods?

Now we go on to the group of students who painted themselves black and wore the colors of the Jamaican flag in support of Jamaican track stars, or something like that. Oh, and they were chanting something like, "Smoke more pot! Smoke more pot! Smoke more pot!" And of course someone got their feelings hurt. Isn't it always like that? Someone takes a prank or a joke or something done in fun and purposely interprets it as racist in origin and racially discriminating in purpose. Awww. Did someone's few-lings get hurt? Poor wittle baby. No one was throwing bricks through windows, yelling racial slurs, beating up minorities, inciting a race riot, or trying to make a political statement. This is not a racial issue. Grow a fuc*ing backbone, people. There ARE real racial issues out there and this IS NOT one of them. This is a bunch of kids goofing off and having fun. Who fuc*ing cares? Are you going to stand there and point at everything that could be twisted into an issue of race, make it an issue of race, and cry that your feelings were hurt or that you were offended? Tell me, how many white people make a racial issue when minorities dress up as Santa Clause at Christmas?

Moving on to the news that some $1 billion dollars plus worth of San Francisco/Bay Area bridge work has been out sourced to China...well...what can you say? So much for some companies trying to help America resolve the growing unemployment rate. How many Americans or American companies could have been paid with all that money? Let China take care of its own jobs and its own money issues. Keep all that money and work in the United States where it is definitely needed.

Last, but certainly not least, let me say something about Mr. Obungle's proposed tax hikes of $3 trillion or so to the rich folk. It is supposed to take place over a period of ten years. That is not going to do crap to ease the debt of the U.S. That is $300 billion a year for ten years, but with rampant spending and ballooning debt, $300 billion a year is peanuts. When you have a country that regularly racks up TRILLIONS of dollars of debt every year, well, $300 billion a year won't do shit. Then, ten years from now the U.S. will be in even more debt than it is now. Not to mention, the proposed tax hikes mean absolutely DICK when the tax breaks offered counter the tax hikes. Hah! You never even left square one.

Most Sincerely,
God the Irritated

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