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The Twenty-Third Book of The Tenement Gospel (the REAL Holy Bible New Testament)

The Tenement Gospel
(the REAL version of the original translation of the Holy Bible New Testament)

The Book of I J-Dog
(the twenty-third book in The Tenement Gospel)

Chapter 1

    1 All ya’ll homeys be gatherin’ around ‘cause I gonna’ be discussin’ all the things that we be seein’, all the things that we be holdin’, and we also goin’ to be discussin’ the words that God be sayin’ in some form of faith or other, ‘aight?
    2 The lives we all be livin’ be eternal and be meant to be lived with great enjoyment, all the good things we be wantin’ manifestin’ by the will of our hearts tellin’ the universe what we be wantin’.
    3 And when we be sittin’ around and jawin’ on about God and everything that is God, well, then by definition we all be fellowshippin’.
    4 Now you best be knowin’ that I be writin’ this here so that ya’ll can be thinkin’ and lookin’ back on these words and can be findin’ joy.
    5 Ya’ll have heard that there be those people who be peddlin’ the Gospel of Disaster, and they be sayin’ that they be believin’ that God is light and in him there be no darkness at.
    6 But they don’t be seein’ that they be right in the middle of a great darkness that be created by what they think is one God, one expression of God, one faith of God, one truth of God, and one way to God.
    7 For these muthas not be seein’ that to be surrounded by the immense and shadowless light of God be admittin’ and acknowledgin’ that there be many paths and truths in salvations and faiths.
    8 If ya’ll muthas’ out there don’t be seein’ this then youz ain’t practicin’ faith and youz ain’t speakin’ truth.
    9 Ya’ll listen and know that walkin’ in the light be meanin’ that you ain’t baggin’ on another brotha and his understandin’ of God, you dig?
    10 If muthas’ be sayin’ to theyselfs and be deceivin’ theyselfs with the stupid ass idea that the truth of all that be God not be in us,
    11 If they be sayin’, We be confessin’ our sins in this one faith and we be believin’ this one lighted truth about God, and we be believin’ this one special way and we be forgivin’ of all the shit we be doin’, we be saved and righteous,
    12 If muthas’ be talking like this then they have sinned, you dig? They not be seein’ the truth of all that is God within theyselfs.

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